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Finding the Mark –
The Collected Grand Stewards’ Lectures

Edited by: Richard L. Gan and Professor Aubrey Newman


A complete guide to the Mark Degree, Finding the Mark consists of easy to read, in-depth and researched lectures from the Grand Stewards Lodge. Written by a number of distinguished Masonic scholars on a diverse range of subjects relating to Mark Masonry as a whole, this book is a complete guide to the Degree, and it is hoped that all Mark Masons will find the lectures of interest.


The Grand Stewards’ Lodge

Of all the lodges under the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons, The Grand Stewards’ Lodge, like its counterpart in the Craft, is one of the most prestigious. Since 2002, the Lodge has hosted an annual lecture. The range of subjects and speakers has been both wide ranging and impressive. The papers included in this volume amply demonstrate the extensive range of topics, all of which further our understanding of the history and development of the Mark degree. They explore three fundamental themes in Mark Masonry, each of considerable and continuing significance, and their appearance in this collected volume amply demonstrate the various ways in which Mark Masonry has grown since the formation of Mark Grand Lodge in 1856. It should be emphasised that the lectures were never intended to be a history of the Mark Degree in England and Wales. Rather, the intention has always been to enable each individual lecturer to study a particular aspect of the Order which, over a period of time, when put together form part of a complete and fascinating mosaic. Each annual ‘stand-alone’ lecture reflects the lecturer’s own deliberations and research, at that particular moment in time. Accordingly, it has not been considered appropriate to make amendments or challenge the integrity of any of the individual papers. As a consequence, it is almost inevitable that the reader will find some elements of overlap or even repetition; and because of the passage of time, some concepts may have, to some extent, been enhanced by more recent research. All in all, however, the fact remains that collectively these lectures provide a most comprehensive exploration and exposition of the many facets of one of the most important degrees in Freemasonry.


Contributors: John Acaster; David Aspinwall; Keith Carmichael; Diane Clements; Dr James Daniel; Richard L. Gan; Dr Roeinton Khambatta; The Revd Michael Morgan; Professor Aubrey Newman; Rod Taylor; Dr John Wade; and Peter Glyn Williams.



Lewis Masonic

ISBN: 9780853185673



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