First Digital Freemasonry Summit

First Digital Freemasonry Summit

The goal of the 1st Digital Freemasonry Summit is to bring together representatives and delegates from the ranks of Speculative Grand Lodges, as well as representatives from Digital Freemasonry to discuss and exchange experiences thus far and to reach certain conclusions for the benefit of the development and future of Freemasonry in general.

Content of the Summit:

First day (March 18, 2023 – Saturday): Speculative Freemasonry in the Digital Era (Challenges, opportunities, solutions…)

Second day (March 19, 2023 – Sunday): Digital Freemasonry as a new direction (Regularity, tools, standards…)


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Compiled Book of papers delivered at the event.

Digital Freemasonry

All Freemasons In One Digital Lodge; Is this viable?, is it practical ?, is it even possible ? To answer this question we need to under the problem “Digital Freemasonry” aims to fix.


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