Mentors Notes

Mentors Notes

Launch Date:   1 October 2020

Square Academy Learning Resource

Do you believe knowledge is a worthwhile investment in yourself?


Would you like to know how to decipher Masonic knowledge to use it in your personal and professional life?


Can you afford to invest £4.95 per month?

mentors notes

a foundation course in masonic knowledge

Based on the Masonic knowledge contained in the three Craft degrees, Mentors Notes will show how this knowledge can be implemented in everyday personal and professional life.


Mentors Notes will show how to master new skills, and to practise these new skills in the lodge and then perfect them outside the lodge.


Mentors Notes is not creating anything new. All the information about Freemasonry is available in books and internet websites.  Authors have written about all aspects of Freemasonry for over 300 years.


Mentors Notes serves masonic knowledge in bite-size pieces, delivering them to you, prepacked, so you save hours of fruitless searching. 


Masonic research; where to look and how to authenticate it comes later.

what you will get from mentors notes…

Firstly – An introduction to Masonic learning; a foundation in Masonic knowledge which leads to a higher level of understanding that all the Masonic secrets are hidden in plain view – the safest place to hide any secret.  How the secrets of Masonic knowledge are vailed in the symbols and allegory.


Secondly – Masonic knowledge cannot be learn by reading alone; it requires both the ritual experience and reading in context to begin to understand it.


And thirdly, Masonic knowledge cannot be rushed. There might be a temptation to try and short cut the learning process; that is a recipe for failure. 


These three safeguards are the reason why non-Freemasons will never understand the secrets of Freemasonry, only make unsubstantiated claims to what Freemasonry is or is not.


Of course, non-Freemasons do not understand the traps that are set in the ritual, and will walk straight into these, therefore exposing themselves as Cowans.

Freemasonry is a university of knowledge. The graduation course is there to ‘make a good man better.


But before a Freemason can enter the graduation level of learning, and the post graduation Masonic research which follows, they need to undertake a foundation course.

a daily advancement in masonic knowledge…

All material is produced in English, with the option for machine translation.


You learn at your own pace – there is no time limit.

who is mentors notes for ?

All current members of a Masonic lodge – EAF, FC, MM


Especially focused on newer members who want to learn how Freemasonry ‘Makes Good Men Better’


It is open to all regular ( UGLE ) Freemasons, Liberal and Co-Masons


Lodge Mentors, as we hope it will help them provide some tips when mentoring new members


Unattached members that might find some new reasons to reconnect with a Masonic lodge

the offer…

Subscribe to Mentors Notes for 3 months


Pre-Register today and be the first in the queue


Subscription starts 1 October 2020


Try it for 3 months. If after three months you feel you have not had £15 worth of value – you cancel your subscription and I will refund your subscription in full.

If you have any questions regarding Mentors Notes or The Square Academy, please leave your comments below….

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