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The Freemason at Work: The Definitive Guide to Craft Freemasonry

By: Harry Carr

This is one of the most successful Masonic Publications in recent times due to the immense knowledge of the late Harry Carr and his entertaining writing style.

If you enjoy your masonry then this book will bring a new delight to all that you see and hear in lodge.

When Harry Carr became secretary and editor of the Quatuor Coronati Lodge of Research, the answering of lodge questions became a major part of his duties. In a style that became a hall mark of all his masonic writing, he always answered a little more than the original question.

In response to hundreds of requests from all over the world, the answers he gave to questions during his twelve years office as editor of Quatuor Coronati Transactions have been collected together in this book.

Only the best and most interesting subjects are included and every question will be relevant to most brethren in the course of their work in the lodge ? hence the title The Freemason at Work This book was substantially revised by Frederick Smyth, the eminent Masonic author and Past Master of Quatuor Coronati Lodge, in 1992; brining the text right up-to-date for much had change since the book was first published in 1976.

This is a book to be treasured, one that will provide a wealth of knowledge in an easy to read style. A collection of more than 200 questions with comprehensive answers to all manner of masonic subjects. 


Mayan Masonry


By: Richard Cassaro


Was the mysterious ancient Maya civilization an
older branch on the Masonic family tree?

In this thrilling and adventure-filled quest penetrating deep into the Mesoamerican jungles, iconoclast author and popular lecturer Richard Cassaro rivets our attention on the great architectural and cultural achievements of the Maya.

These monuments are not the remnants of a raging warrior people drenched in sacrificial blood, as commonly portrayed, but rather reflect a sophisticated spiritual legacy —a Masonic legacy—that stretches back over many millennia.

Maya “Master Masons” built some of the most advanced stone pyramids, temples, aqueducts and ceremonial centers in the world; Mayan art and architecture represents a civilization focused on metaphysical self-knowledge and inner development. Mayan temples are gateways bridging the material and spiritual worlds, capable of healing, divination, and raising consciousness.

In one of the great tragedies of history, ruthless conquistadors and missionaries destroyed much of the Mayan written legacy. The few surviving fragments are mostly either indecipherable or useless in terms of shedding light on the culture.

Building on the work of renowned explorers, and drawing on his exhaustive knowledge of ancient, esoteric, and occult symbolism, Cassaro has found a backdoor route to recovering lost Mayan wisdom, by pointing out and deciphering visual analogies to other ancient cultures and to authentic Freemasonry.

In a stunning conclusion, Cassaro unearths the ancient rudiments of Freemasonry not only in the Maya civilization, but also among the Egyptians and in the remote jungles of Cambodia! Mayan Masonry, jam-packed with surprising discoveries and revolutionary new interpretations of ancient and esoteric symbolism, is truly a book for the ages, and deserves an





The Mandorla and Tau: The Secrets and Mysteries of Freemasonry Revealed

By: Kevin Gest

The secrets of Freemasonry – everyone is always talking about them.

Novelists weave tales about them. Mystics and occultists dream them up. Conspiracy theorists endlessly stir paranoid fantasies.

The Freemasons think of them as  them as degrees, signs and passwords.

They are all mistaken.

The true Masonic secrets are hidden in plain view, as allegories,  but to reveal them we need a trip back in time and need to ask:

Why did the Mediaeval Trade Guilds also talk of protecting their mysteries and secrets?

We are told that the Freemasonry is more ancient than the Golden Fleece or Roman Eagle. How can this be true?

In 1535 antiquarian John Leland made a copy of a document he claimed was written by King Henry the 6th outlining a Masonic initiation he had taken part in. Can we believe him?

Discover –

Why has Freemasonry replaced the genuine secrets behind our Masonic symbols prompting mystical speculation?

What are the privileges of Freemasonry?

How have events in history affected the teaching and practices of Freemasonry?

What are the true and secret architectural tricks and meanings behind common symbols like the the square and compasses, the Triple Tau?

This volume also includes:

A complete list of the prominent Liveries in order of precedence

A complete and detailed timeline of the building tradition in the British Isles including the major structures built, and the people and organisations involved, the philosophy and symbols in Freemasonry that enabled their stunning designs.

Real examples of early Masons being initiated into stone masons’ Guilds reproduced word for word.

Real examples of men and masons who obtained their freedom, and the oath they swore, reproduced word for word.


200 Years of Royal Arch Freemasonry in England

By: Yasha Beresiner

Limited Edition –  To mark the Supreme Grand Chapter Bicentenary Celebration
The Royal Arch, also known as  ‘Red Lodge’ or Chapter is one of the most popular and enlightening of the Orders beyond the Craft. Published to coincide with the celebrations of 200 years of Royal Arch Freemasonry,  this extensive volume encompasses much more than the title implies. Divided into three parts with added appendices, the book covers the story behind the creation of Supreme Grand Chapter within the context of Craft Freemasonry, to which it is so closely attached. It is a comprehensive guide to the Order of the Royal Arch, its history and development from the mid 18th century to the present day.

This is the only text to date to answer such important questions as: How did the Royal Arch end up in its current position, so unique to England? How did the Antients Grand Lodge treat this 4th Degree of Freemasonry? Was the Charter of Compact really falsified? And did the Duke of Sussex have his own private Chapter?

This easy to read and comprehensive volume includes an innovative story line of the day of celebration on 27 December 1813, written in the form of a novelette. It is in a style that allows the reader to learn all the events surrounding the creation of the Order with ease and confidence. For the serious scholar, Yasha Beresiner’s book reveals new ground in the discovery and analysis of documents newly recovered and incorporates a chronology of events from 1813 to 2013. 


The Square Magazine

Choose from our range of back issues to complete your collection.

The independent Masonic magazine brought to you by the world’s oldest Masonic publisher.

The Square magazine brings you in-depth and thought provoking articles on all aspects of Freemasonry written by the leading Masonic writers in the world.

Masons and non-Masons alike will find something of interest in the wide variety of articles and special features, which cover the whole spectrum of Freemasonry, including historical, social, charitable, esoteric, other Orders, collecting, ephemera, philately, book reviews, poetry, news and events, and on a lighter note Masonic humour.



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