Tubal Cain Masonic Apron NFT

Tubal Cain Masonic Aprons, is a collection of digital designs of 1,000 unique Masonic aprons that will be created as NFTs on the Ethereum network.

Their uniqueness is to be guaranteed by the public blockchain. It is anticipated that it will take 100 weeks to complete the full issuance of the whole collection.

The Tubal Cain Masonic Apron NFTs can be bought and then re-sold at any time. The token owner would have access to the high resolution image file, and will be free to print a copy on paper, or canvas and display a physical copy on their wall. 

A pre-set number of Tubal Cain Masonic Apron NFTs will be gifted to Masonic charity events around the world, to be auctioned at the event to raise charity funds.

The winner of the auction will make their charitable contribution direct with the charity at the event, and then receive the Tubal Cain Masonic Apron NFT, which they can hold or re-sell.

Unique Design

All 1000 Tubal Cain Masonic Aprons will be a unique design.

The aprons are design not necessarily to be exact replicas of real aprons used in lodges, but designer aprons, with an artistic and symbolic design.

The construction of each apron is made up from a specific set of parameters, and each parameter has various options. 

Some options will be used less than others making these aprons more rare than others.

Some aprons might use an option only once, making it a super rare or ultra rare apron.

Pricing Schedule

The pricing schedule will increase due to scarcity.  The first 100 Aprons will start at Etherum  0.05 ( this is approximately $100 at the time of writing ). 

After the first 100 aprons are sold, there will only be 900 left, so they become more scarce, so the value increases. 

Also a low introduction price will reward early adaptors with a greater return on their investment.

Were and How to buy Tubal Cain Masonic Apron NFTs

Tubal Cain Masonic Apron NFTs are all available on the opensea market place

Opensea is a market place set up to transact NFT art and collectables.

To make a purchase you need to have an Etherum ERC20 Token Wallet.

Etherum ERC20 Token Wallet will hold both Etherum ERC20 Tokens and ERC20 NFTs

There are many Etherum ERC20 token wallets available.

Metamask is very popular and works with opensea market place.

When you create a new wallet you will be given a seed phrase of 12 words. You must not lose this seed phrase. No seed phrase no access to your wallet or its contents. There is no customer support to call for help.

Next you need to purchase Etherum ( ERC20 ) tokens.

This can be done on an exchange such as Coinbase or using a credit card.

When purchasing Etherum ( ERC20 ) tokens always purchase a little more than you need as there will be some network fees to take into account, this could be between $10 – $50

Opensea will ask to link your Etherum ( ERC20 ) token wallet to your Opensea account.

Then click the buy button on the apron you wish to purchase
Opensea then will run a smart contract and the funds will be exchanged for the Masonic Apron NFT

This process normally takes a few minutes to complete and you will see your Masonic Apron NFT in your opensea account.

Note that your NFT token is saved on the blockchain and is associated with your Etherum ( ERC20 ) token wallet.

If you have an account with another NFT market place you can link your wallet to that market place and sell your NFT there. You are not limited to just opensea.

Tubal Cain Masonic Aprons

View the Opensea Collection



The Apron shape, border colour and flap shape form the basis for each apron design.

Other styling and parameter options create the uniqueness for each apron.

This is mathematically calculated so that:

50% of the aprons are rare

25% of the aprons are very rare

12.5% of the aprons are super rare

6.25% of the aprons are ultra rare with 1 or more significant unique options

6.25% of the aprons will be custom made to order with an element of personalisation


Square Shape Apron will account for 50% of issue

They will have 4 flap shape options:


Chopped Triangle

Semi Circle

Curley bracket

D shape Apron will account for 25% of issue

They will have 4 flap shape options:


Chopped Triangle

Semi Circle

Curley bracket

Shield shape Apron will account for 12.5% of issue

They will have 4 flap shape options:


Chopped Triangle

Semi Circle

Curley bracket

Triangle shape Apron will account for 12.5% of issue

They will have 3 flap shape options:


Chopped Triangle

Semi Circle

Border Parameters

Every apron will have a boarder design.  It is possible to have an apron with 1 or 2 or all 3 options, a colour, fringe and decoration option.

Aprons with all 3 options would be very rare

a) Border ribbon – 100% of Issue

Approximately 40 styles, some will be very rare


b) Border decoration – Less than 10%

Aprons with Border decoration will be very rare less than 25% of aprons

Body Symbol Parameters

Only 1 masonic body symbol option would appear on an apron.

There will be approximately 50 different options.

There will also be some additional 1 off designs used to make aprons ultra rare.  These maybe created for a specific event or charity.

Flap Symbol Parameters

Only 1 flap masonic symbol option would appear on an apron

There will be approximately 20 different options

There will also be some 1 off designs used to make aprons ultra rare

The two areas ( left and right) to the body symbol will either show columns, rosettes or left blank.

Some columns and rosettes will incorporate a unique design make them ultra rare.

Sample Designs

Tubal Cain Masonic Aprons

View the Opensea Collection


Masonic Artists

If you are a masonic artist and would like to know more about NFTs or would like to collaborate on future Tubal Cain projects please contact me at email: njb@thesquaremagazine.com

Article by: Nicholas J Broadway

njcholas broadway

Nicholas was initiated into Freemasonry in 1989 in Stonewell Lodge No. 9137, Essex England (UGLE) and was Master in 1995, 2011 and 2016. He also joined other UGLE craft Lodges and is a PZ in the Royal Arch Chapter. 

He acquired the title of The Square Magazine in January 2020 and oversees the technical running of the digital publication.

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