Carl Jung’s “Living Symbols”

Carl Jung’s “Living Symbols” for Sustaining Coherent One-World Government

Nourishing the Global Organism of Self-Government with moral “Living Symbolism”

Quantifying One World Government of “Conscience” with Archetypal Representation

 – Stephen Brock Schafer – Retired Prof., Dept. Chair, PM, 32⁰ Scottish Rite


Every atom that draws, by its motion, toward the chain of the Cosmic Magnet restores rhythm in the Cosmos. Each atom, in its motion, evokes a chain of other motions.

The process of rhythm in Cosmos is seen as a rational shifting.

The reconstruction of the world is not dependent upon human creativeness, but humanity is not excluded from the responsibilities of expanding spatial power.
The bond linking man and Cosmos is inseverable.

That which exits is expressed in forms predestined by the Cosmic Magnet, but man is also an expression of [EM existence]. Therefore, humanity is either a coherent force moving [rhythmically] with the Magnet or an incoherent obstructive force. (Infinity, 136)

The acquirement of the cooperation of Cosmic forces [with coherent entrainment of bandwidths] brings us closer to the source of [First Cause] atomic energy. Our science can reach the tension of this energy if only the explosion of consciousness will occur.

Avoid no obstacles! (Infinity, 46)


More than ever before, the subject of government saturates the airwaves where projection of the “war in heaven” is now everywhere apparent.

Quantum Field Theory (QFT) has cast a new light on “reality” and provided an incipient language for self-governance in a “unified field” of electromagnetic (EM) resonance.

This new language is a hybrid form—an admixture of mystical and scientific concepts that convey an ontology of “living organisms” which is so different from mainstream worldviews that its use is rejected outright by orthodox interpreters.

Orthodox confusion is especially evident with regard to the concept of One-World Government which has generated a multitude of conspiracy theories that perceive such government as a consummate threat.

Whether the threat is perceived as a demonic cult of pedophiles, satanism, the deep state, Bilderberg, the Club of Rome, the Catholic Church, Islam, global capitalism, communism, socialism, unionism, corporatism, terrorism, or Freemasonry, the arguments made by the often-hysterical conspiracy theorists are never linked to “reality”—the reality of QFT or Spiritual mysticism.

Conspiracy theories are Scapegoats for excusing problems of all kinds according to the implication that without a fundamental change in human nature (which is impossible), problems will persist.

In other words, excuses cancel hope. This chapter addresses this need for human change in “realistic” terms; i.e., it is realistic to view human nature in terms of contextual (self-governing) evolutionary EM “fields”.

Human nature is a “living organism” having evolutionary purpose of moral self-government. Moral self-government can be affirmed with quantifiable “coherent entrainment” between EM bandwidths of First-Cause Intention (FCI) and human “agency” defined as “embodied transduction” of FCI.

The war in heaven is projected into the affairs of the world as a basic dichotomy between so-called democratic and fascist models of morality and government.

This dichotomy has existed from time immemorial, but conflict is approaching its dénouement in the existential moment because—as everyone knows—true democracy has never existed.

Alternatives to ideal democracy exist on a continuum of hierarchical models ranging from Plato’s philosopher king/queens to demonic absolutists like Satan.

Moreover, Plato avers that a democracy with only one value is the worst model for governance because it fosters corrupt leadership. Existential “democracies” based on capitalistic profiteering fit Plato’s definition.

What this means is that battle lines between First Cause Intention and demonic intention are blurred and in need of clarification on the order of EM coherent entrainment.

Recent experiments in global government that include the United Nations and an array of cooperative efforts—based mostly on economic cooperation—among national democracies have proven ineffective.

A more evolutionary set of models includes evolutionary humanitarian organisms such as environmentalism, humanitarian relief, civil rights, and comparative religion.

Our hypothesis is that the best existing model for One-World morality and government is generic Freemasonry which is intrinsically linked to QFT and to Spiritual mysticism.

In practical terms, this intrinsic linkage (frequency-locking) between Divine Intention and human agency (the key to Masonic Labour) is a matter of self-governance at organic fractal scales that accord with the Firs Cause dynamics of unified field environmentalism.

It is important to note that generic Masonry is structured according to practical Labour that employs “operative action-at-a-distance” which—unlike any other governmental model—is a phenomenon of unified field physics.

This unified field phenomenon has a direct correlate in Carl Jung’s dynamic for healing with “living symbols” in dreams.

Jung’s dynamic is based on maintenance of spontaneous synchronicity among thought-forms that foster “meaningful discovery”.

If unified field ontology is directly correlated with an EM Jungian “dreamscape”, living symbolism (quantified as the Jungian Ratio) becomes the key to authentic One-World Self-Governance.


In 1857 Louis Pasteur published that the dynamics of the universe were controlled by “living” first-principle asymmetric electromagnetic mathematics. 

Pasteur understood that Plato’s sacred artistic geometrical electromagnetic “thought-forms”, upon coming into existence must instantly interact mathematically with the electromagnetic biosphere in order to evolve infinite universal consciousness.

The founder of the electromagnetic Golden Age of Danish Science was the mathematician and philosopher Immanuel Kant who, from Plato’s ethical electromagnetic mathematical theories, stated that an ethical Platonic asymmetrical electromagnetic field was evolving within the artistic creative mind.

Pasteur had observed that Kant’s asymmetrical anticlockwise electromagnetic mathematics generated the living process that can be understood as a kaleidoscopic articulation of Living symbols”.

Kant’s contemporary, Emmanuel Levinas, fully agreed with Kant’s concept of an evolving asymmetrical EM field.

Levinas realized that eventually asymmetrical ethics was the first-cause principle governing symmetrical thought-form behavior.

To Levinas it was morally important that Kant’s understanding—that the asymmetrical anticlockwise mathematics of infinity emanating from the creation of electromagnetic light—was about asymmetrical control over the dynamics of universal reality rather than Einstein’s clockwise rotating symmetrical field.

As the limitations of Einstein’s symmetrical quantum mechanics that led to the creation of the atomic bomb have become increasingly apparent, eminent Neurologists have also brought Descartes’ (Cartesian) mathematical philosophy into doubt.

Descartes’ work has been found to be not only inaccurate but unethical and psychotic because it takes a “tribal science” viewpoint based upon his symmetrical mathematics that cannot tolerate the new-order quantum field concept of evolution moving toward infinity.

In his paper entitled Information of Perception – Freedom, Democracy and Physics, R, Vukovic correlates the interactive mathematics of physics and social evolution, and his research appears to be intimately associated with the further development of Plato’s ethical mathematical message previously hidden within plane geometry.

Meanwhile, The Plank Observatory Space station confirmed that Pasteur’s living creative asymmetrical mathematics belongs to the universal first-cause principle of Light.

In his book The Crazy Ape, Szent-Györgyi argues why [1] —based on the symmetrical mathematics of technology—”the more [mankind] progresses technologically, the more [humanity] regresses psychologically and socially.”

Marcello Barbieri in his paper, Biosemiotics: a new understanding of life holds that an;

artefact can convey biological coding messages that “shape the evolution of life” beyond the understanding of prevailing biological science.

Modern symmetrically-based Information & Communication Technology (ICT) has obviously shaped the evolution of life and culture in which the current mainstream trajectory—instantiated in “human nature”—includes dangerous unethical genetic manipulation, robotics, and “quantum mechanics leading to entropy”.

This unhealthy trajectory can be transformed to a healthy trajectory with a human agency characterized by asymmetrical, living, organic self-governance.

Little of this scientific Paradigm Shift into a healthy trajectory of ontological “fusion” principle [2] is currently being applied by an orthodoxy dedicated to the “fissions” (a splitting or breaking up into parts) of Cartesian principle and Einstein’s symmetrical “quantum mechanics” that lead to universal death (entropy).

Orthodoxy has not yet adjusted to the paradigm of Life-directed infinite evolutionary dynamics that are summarized in this chapter in-order to support its hypothesis.

Contrary to the prevailing symmetrical misconception about the inevitable extinction of all life in the universe, this chapter argues that in the incipient asymmetrical ontology of “EM First-Cause Life”, Jung’s “living Symbols” are the key to organic One-World Freemasonic Government; i.e., The Grand Mystery of operative Freemasonic Labour is that generic FM is embedded with the DNA archetype for One-World Self-Governance in a unified field reality of virtual holographic electromagnetic sentient-organic illusion, aka “novus ordo seclorum”: new order of the ages.


It can be stipulated that maps (blueprints) of all kinds are mathematical-metaphorical projections—functional Archetypal Representations (AR) understood by Jung as recursive pattern-projections of unconscious archetypes—thought-forms which, upon coming into existence must instantly interact mathematically with the electromagnetic biosphere in order to evolve infinite universal consciousness.

Within this reflective (holographic) framework, according to The Law of Correspondence, maps allow for an infinity of quantifiable correlations of meaning that extend from subatomic dimensions of Quantum Field Theory (QFT)to galaxies and the optics of Light, itself.

This is the domain in which the profound “possibilities” of Jungian “discovery of meaning” (enlightenment) and of Freemasonic Government of Conscience can be found.

Even lowly road maps employ the Law of Correspondence to express an infinite array of metaphorically correlated meaning.

Based on spatial correspondences, everything from restaurant location and real-time weather information to historic and geophysical events can be portrayed in road maps with exquisite QUANTIFIABLE accuracy.

Star maps (the cosmic matrixes used in GPS systems and “Eyes in the Sky”), astrological charts that map human “functions” (thought, emotion, perception, and intuition), and the dynamics of “Coherent Entrainment” proclaim the efficacy of creating a source code and blueprint for managing a Coherent One-World Government.

Freemasonic Labour is unique in its approximation of such a source code (Divine guidance expressed as the language of “Living symbols”) that is basic to its rituals (dramas) of Initiation.

Considered as ICT algorithms, these Living symbols constitute “Divine guidance” which is at the foundation of Labour in Masonic lodges.

The precedent for such Divinely guided Labour was Masonic work with Earth’s “ley lines”, crystals, and the great stone edifices like Stonehenge.

Alfred Watkins is an amateur archeologist who came up with the idea of the spiritual ley lines map in 1921.

Riding his horse on the English countryside one day, he had what he referred to as a “flood of ancestral memory”.

While looking out at the gorgeous green landscape, he had an astonishing revelation. He realized that a network of lines stood out to him like “glowing wires all over the surface of the country”.

The grid-like markings are essentially energy grids. He noticed that they ran in perfectly straight paths, also intersecting at places he called “terminal points”.

The fascinating part of all of this is that these terminal points often had sites on them such as beacons, holy, sacred wells, ruins, mounds, and churches.

The significance of this rather superficial understanding of Ley Lines is that they are Cosmic manifestations that were known in ancient times and served as the “Labour” of adepts in their Schools of the Mysteries where the science of “frequency-locking” between human and divine thoughtforms was researched.

This research is the legacy of Freemasonry, and it is reflected in neurodynamic research on the fractal physiology of humans.

“Complex narratives—the kinds we find in everyone’s life story, as well as in fairy tales, novels, and dramas—are made up of smaller narratives with very simple structures [frames].”

Lakoff says, “The neural circuitry needed to create frame structures is relatively simple [neural binding circuitry, neural signatures, event structures] and so frames tend to structure a huge amount of our thought.”

Sounding remarkably like Jung who observed that dreams have dramatic action that can meaningfully be broken down into the elements of a Greek play, Lakoff explains that each frame has roles (like a cast of characters), relations between the roles, and scenarios carried out by those playing the roles.”

Since the Stone Age our ancestors have tapped into the natural energies of the planet, building stone circles, standing stones, pyramids and temples in a highly evolved and brilliantly executed network of energy centers around the world.

Thousands of years later, this ancient knowledge was brutally suppressed by the early Catholic church and ignored by science.

But it still lingered on, kept by such secret societies as the Knights Templar and the Masons, who designed buildings and whole cities incorporating this esoteric knowledge, hidden in plain view.

Knights Templar ley line maps [found at] St Marys Aldingbourne West Sussex. The Knights Templar made great use of this Church. Many signs of the Knights Templar can be found cut into the masonry of the Church.

This Church is quite unique, for there can be found three ley–line maps, which were used to show the Templars the way to Jerusalem.

After their prayer and communion of the Lord’s Supper, they would anoint their swords by making a downward cut on the masonry, and on their return from the Crusade, they would make an horizontal cut in the stone completing the sign of the cross.

By doing this they would be signaling Christ’s victory with the sign of the cross.

The above quotes serve to reflect the vague understanding of Freemasonry as it exists in popular discourse, but Masons, themselves, should have an entirely different perspective with special regard to the reasons for FM secrecy.

FM secrecy is different than authoritarian secrecy; Freemasonry employs secrecy to gain evolutionary information through communion with First Cause guidance, whereas demonic secrecy is to dis-inform.

Freemasonry’s secrecy has two primary reasons.

First, historically, Labour in lodges has been considered heretical and subject to the death penalty.

Second, today—at best—telepathic contact with Divine Bandwidths would be ridiculed as “fringe science”, but ridicule, itself, is a powerful tool of darkness.

(See: Humiliate, Ridicule, and Shame into Submission: The Third Dark-Side Strategy from the book Psychiatric Casualties)

Modern Freemasonic secrecy derives from the fact that Lodge work should be directed to communication with “unconscious” dimensions to which orthodoxy gives little credence.

The idea that “living symbols” constitute the language of frequency-locking between First-Cause Guidance and Human Purpose is beyond orthodox understanding.

This is what Jung says about living symbols:

Jung calls the symbol a ‘libido analogue’ because it is a transformer of energy…

Thus symbols are the true transformers of energy in the psychic process…

Symbols were never devised consciously, but were always produced out of the unconscious by way of revelation or intuition…

An allegory is a sign for something, a way of expressing a known content; but a symbol always means something more, something that cannot be expressed by rational concepts…

Plato, for example, ‘expresses the whole problem of the theory of knowledge in his allegory of the cave, or, when Christ expresses the idea of the Kingdom of Heaven in his parables, these are genuine and true symbols; that is, attempts to express something for which no verbal concept yet exists’ (On the Relation of Analytical Psychology to Poetry, par 105)

The German word for symbol is Sinnbilt, a compound which strikingly denotes the two realms of which the symbol partakes: the Sinn, or meaning, pertains to the conscious, rational sphere, the Bild, or image, belongs to the irrational sphere, the unconscious.

It is this twofold origin and nature which make the symbol the most faithful expression of the psychic totality, and which enable it not only to represent but also to influence the most antithetical and complex psychic situations.

In brief, Masonic Labour begins in the psychic realm of the archetype, resounds in the operative realm of archetypal representations, and comes to fruition with completion of the capstone of One-World Government of Conscience.

Traditionally, such labor would include meditation and mathematics; now Labour can be extended to research in quantum field dimensions of One-World Government.


[1] The Concept of Fractal Cosmos: I. Anaxagoras’ Cosmology. Serbian Astronomical Journal 163(163):21 Illert, C. (1987). The New Physics of Ultrathin Elastic Conoids, Il Nuovo Cimento, and Formulation and Solution of the Classical Seashell Problem II Tubular Three Dimensional Seashell Surfaces and Il Nuovo Cimento, (1989), The Science-Art Research Centre…selected from the World literature for reprinting in Spie Milestone Series, Vol. MS 15, Selected Papers on Natural Optical Activity, pp.12-23 and 24-33, section 1. Chirality and Natural Optical Activity, 1990. Illert, C. (1992). Foundations of Theoretical Conchology. Hadronic Journal Supplement ISBN 0-911767-54-1. See abstract.

[2] As in stars, fusion is the smashing together of hydrogen atoms which produces a burst of energy that—unlike fission–is self-sustaining without creating harmful waste.(252)

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About the Author



Professor Schafer originated the emergent field of research on the psychological dynamics of the media-sphere emphasizing neurolinguistic processes inherent to the dramatic architecture in PSYCHecology games (PEGs).

He has defined the dramatic-metaphorical common denominator in several dimensions of the quantum-fractal Field of physics and theoretically correlated Bohm's holographic universe with Pribram's holographic brain.

Combining concepts of physics, Jungian dream therapy, heart rate coherence, biogeometry, communication & information technology, and Plato's Sacred Geometry, he has developed a source code for PEGs that--in addition to rhetorical dynamics--includes Plato's asymmetrical sacred geometry embodied "intentional" transduction (chakras), & dynamics of mediated psychological projection (Jung's archetypal representations).

He has established a correlation between the processes of Jungian "Compensation" (defined as Individuation achieved with coherence between archetypes and archetypal representations), "heart-rate coherence" (defined as heart-rate variability--HRV), and the "Flow" phenomenon to be applied to the media-sphere (analog for the Jungian "Dream-scape") as an antidote for electromagnetic pandemics.

The significance of such a correlation is that it allows for the healing of unconscious psyche.

He is developing a theoretical framework in which a genre of PEG may be used to research media biofeedback rubrics in order to heal contextual collectives.

Professor Schafer has designed and taught numerous innovative courses (over 230 sections) that synthesize cognitive psychology, neuromarketing, media ethics, mythology, Jungian principles of dream analysis, and interactive storytelling.

To a degree, all of his classes reflect his longtime interest in human motivation, mass communication, and cultural transformation.

He edited the books, Media Models to Foster Collective Coherence in the Psychecology (2019), Exploring the Cognitive Unconscious in the Age of Digital Media (2016).

He also published the books, Generating a Superconductive Culture of Conscience (2017), & Gaming Cultural Atonement (2018). He has published nearly 100 innovative research papers based on media psychology and the rhetorical dynamics underlying the neuro linguistics.

Schafer has presented papers at numerous international conferences: Center for Consciousness Research, Game Education Summits (GES), Game Developers Conference Online (AGDC), the Asia Festival, Hong Kong, & the Serious Play Conference as well as numerous other invitations from EUROSIS and others.

Professor Schafer’s calling in life has been to assert Living Ethics into collective human agency, so to contribute to the coherent quality of humanity’s energy frequency.

During the 1960s—the beginnings of the Aquarian age with its quantum-media revolution—his efforts were focused on a congeries of projects based on creating synchronicity among scientific-esoteric-psychic perspectives on ontology/epistemology.

He discovered a relatively coherent model—like the unfinished pyramid—in global Freemasonry.

He has edited three books (, written two more, and published over 100 research papers on this unorthodox subject.

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Carl Jung’s “Living Symbols”

Jung’s “living Symbols” are the key to organic One-World Freemasonic Government; i.e., The Grand Mystery of operative Freemasonic Labour is that generic Freemasonry is embedded with the DNA archetype for One-World Self-Governance - an insightful view of Jung's work by Professor Stephen Schafer

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The spirit of the Renaissance is long gone and today's globalized and hesitant man, no matter ideology and confession, is the one that is deprived of resoluteness, of decision making, the one whose opinion doesn't matter. Article by Draško Miletić,

A Mason's Work in the First Degree

Every Mason's experiences are unique - here writer and artist Draško Miletić shares insights from his First Degree Work.

Initiation and the Lucis Trust

The approach of the Lucis Trust to initiation may differ slightly to other Western Esoteric systems and Freemasonry, but the foundation of training for the neophyte to build good moral character and act in useful service to humanity is universal.

Who were the Élus Coëns

Who were the mysterious 18th century Élus Coëns – a.k.a The Order of Knight-Masons Elect Priests of the Universe – and why did they influence so many other esoteric and para-Masonic Orders?

Blackheath Degrees

Bro. Chris Hatton gives us his personal reflections on the history of the 'house at Blackheath and the Blackheath Orders', in this wonderful tribute to Andrew Stephenson, a remarkable man and Mason.

Book Review - Cagliostro the Unknown Master

The book review of the Cagliostro the Unknown Master, by the Editor of the book

Freemasonry and Egyptomania

We explore fascinating and somewhat contentious historical interpretations that Freemasonry originated in ancient Egypt.

Is Freemasonry Esoteric?

Is Freemasonry esoteric? Yes, no, maybe!

Egyptian Rite

Egyptian Freemasonry, founder Cagliostro was famed throughout eighteenth century Europe for his reputation as a healer and alchemist

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