Dormer Masonic Study Circle

Discover the Hidden Mysteries of Freemasonry
with Dormer Masonic Study Circle!

Are you a Master Mason looking to unlock the secrets of the Craft Degrees? Step into the world of Dormer Masonic Study Circle and embark on a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment. Our society, established in 1938, is dedicated to expanding knowledge and understanding of Freemasonry.

At Dormer, we believe that by knowing oneself, we can gain knowledge of God and the Universe. Like the inscription on the Arch over the Temple Door at Delphi, "Man, Know Thyself," our emblem serves as a reminder of the importance of self-knowledge and the pursuit of wisdom.

Become a member of Dormer and access a wealth of resources and discussions on Masonic education. Delve deep into the esoteric questions that have fascinated Freemasons for centuries. Our regular meetings feature thought-provoking lectures and papers, creating a platform for open discussion and intellectual growth.

As Master of your own Lodge, you have the opportunity to become a Master of Wisdom. Representing Solomon the Wise, you play a vital role in enlightening your brethren and guiding them towards greater understanding. The Craft degrees contain the answers to your questions, waiting to be discovered by those willing to dig beneath the surface.

While external knowledge and books can nourish the mind, true wisdom lies within. The ritual is the key to unlocking the hidden mysteries of the Craft. By practicing and meditating on the ritual, you can raise your consciousness and tap into the secrets that lie within your own temple.

The Dormer portal, symbolized by the Dormer window, represents the divine light shining upon the Master Mason on his quest for enlightenment. It illuminates the connection between the human and the divine, guiding you towards the true nature of reality and the secrets within.

Join us on this journey of discovery at Dormer Masonic Study Circle. Uncover the hidden meanings and symbols of the Craft Degrees and activate your Dormer portal. The Glimmering Ray of wisdom awaits, ready to guide you towards a deeper understanding of Freemasonry.

The next two meetings, held at 1.30pm on Thursday 21st December 2023 and Thursday 21st March 2024, will include presentations on both the Western Astrology and the Chinese Astrology of the consecration of the Lodge of the Double Horizon No. 9269 on 14th March 1988.

Unlock the secrets, expand your knowledge, and become part of the Dormer community. Lifetime Membership is available for a one-off fee of £60. Don't miss out on this opportunity to embrace the wisdom that lies within.

Prepare to illuminate your Masonic journey with Dormer Masonic Study Circle - Where Light Meets Wisdom!

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