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Discover the Rich Traditions and Core Values of Masonry in ‘Builders of Character: Personal Development for Modern Freemasons’

Inspired by the works of Joseph Fort Newton

Are you a modern Freemason or someone intrigued by the influential history and philosophy of Masonry? Look no further!, “Builders of Character: Personal Development for Modern Freemasons,” offered by the Square Academy. Dive deep into the origins, evolutions, and significant impacts of Masonry through a comprehensive and engaging series of online lectures.

Engage with a Scholarly Yet Accessible Exploration of Masonic History. Delivered by experts in the field, our course begins with the monumental architectures of ancient Egypt, setting the stage for understanding the profound historical precedents that shaped Masonry. We delve into the mysteries of ancient religions and track the evolution of Masonry from medieval stone-masons’ guilds to its pivotal formation in 1717 at the Goose and Gridiron Alehouse. Discover how what started as a clandestine group transformed into a fraternity encompassing influential figures from the English royal family to American revolutionaries.

Gain Insightful Learning Experiences that Foster Personal and Leadership Development. “Builders of Character” goes beyond historical knowledge. This course is designed to enrich your personal development and enhance your leadership capabilities by embodying Masonic values of liberty, fraternity, and equality. Through each lecture, you will uncover the philosophical underpinnings of Masonry and their relevance to modern-day challenges and opportunities. Learn how Masonic ideals have propelled societal progress and how they can influence your personal growth and leadership style.

Enroll in “Builders of Character: Personal Development for Modern Freemasons”, now and start your journey towards becoming a more enlightened individual and a visionary leader. Secure your spot in this transformative experience at Square Academy and start building a stronger foundation for your future!

Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your understanding and practice of Masonic principles. Join fellow learners in uncovering the secrets and stories of Freemasonry that have shaped the world.


Section 1, Prophecy

Prophecy: Chapter 1 The Foundations
Prophecy: Chapter 2 The Working Tools
Prophecy: Chapter 3 The Drama of Faith
Prophecy: Chapter 4 The Secret Doctrine
Prophecy: Chapter 5 The Collegia

Section 2, History

History: Chapter 1 Free-masons
History: Chapter 2 Fellowcrafts
History: Chapter 3 Accepted Masons
History: Chapter 4 Grand Lodge of England
History: Chapter 5 Universal Masonry

Section 3, Interpretation

Interpretation: Chapter 1 What is Masonry
Interpretation: Chapter 2 The Masonic Philosophy
Interpretation: Chapter 3 The Spirit of Masonry


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