“What you see praiseworthy in others you will carefully imitate, and what in them may appear defective,  You will in yourself amend”



Masonic Symbols

An opportunity to learn, decipher and then implement Masonic knowledge in your daily, professional and personal lives.

All Freemasons

Square Academy is open to all Freemasons; Men and Women from around the globe, no matter which obedience or Grand Lodge to which you subscribe.

Online Learning

Square Academy is an online learning resource, accessible on smartphones, tablets and desk top devices via a web browser and internet connection.

Online Books

Access to Classic Masonic Books by well respected authors.  New works by established authors and emerging authors.

Short Courses

Knowledge based short courses on a wide variety of Masonic and self development topics for all levels of Freemasons.

Masonic Wiki

Searchable Wiki to support online learning and further masonic research and support.

Access to the Square Academy

Access to the Square Academy is Free and unrestricted to all to enter to browse.

Premium Resources

Access to individual books and courses are chargeable and in some cases will also have a puzzle to complete on entry.

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