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Discover the Ancient Wisdom of Qabalah – Unlock Your Potential

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey that bridges ancient mystical traditions with modern leadership principles? The “Foundations of Qabalah: Insights for the Modern Freemason” course awaits you. Hosted by the prestigious Square Academy, this comprehensive online lecture series is meticulously designed for Freemasons seeking to deepen their understanding of spiritual enlightenment and the creative process.

Connect with the Core of Your Being: Imagine navigating through the intricate Tree of Life, exploring ten divine Sephiroth, each a beacon of knowledge and power. Delve into the sacred architecture of the universe, reflected in your soul’s structure. This isn’t just theory; it’s a hands-on guide to self-discovery and spiritual growth.

Transform Your Inner and Outer Worlds: Enrich your Masonic journey with profound insights into the Hebrew scriptures, unravelling the interconnectivity of life and divine operations. Grasp the symbols and allegories of Qabalah that resonate with the timeless Masonic pursuit of knowledge and self-improvement.

Take the Lead in Your Personal Development: Join fellow Masons in mastering the art of Qabalah. Apply these timeless principles to elevate your leadership skills, forge a stronger connection with the divine architect, and emerge as a beacon of wisdom in your community.

Enrol Now in the ‘Foundations of Qabalah: Insights for the Modern Freemason’, and harness the transformative power of Qabalah for personal growth and leadership excellence. Secure your place in the Square Academy today and take the first step towards a profound metamorphosis.


1, The Vessel in which Transmutation Takes Place
2, The Feminine Elements in Man and their Redeeming Power
3, Spiritual Companionship Between Man and Woman
4, The Knowledge of God Obtainable Through Love Pure and Undefiled
5, The Mystery of Time and Space
6, The Peace That Passeth Understanding
7, Justice and Mercy
8, On the Threshold of the Sanctuary
9, The Light Eternal According to the Qabalah
10, Regeneration According to the Qabalah

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