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Are you yearning for clarity and unity between the realms of science and spirituality? Do you want to explore profound questions that have puzzled humanity for ages? Look no further than Hiram Butler’s ground breaking work, “The Goal of Life.”

This online course, hosted by the Square Academy, will take you on a transformative journey of self-discovery and leadership development.

In today’s fast-paced world, where advancements in science and technology reign supreme, the spiritual realm remains enigmatic for many. But fear not, because Butler’s course is here to bridge that gap. His mission is to present a clear and reasonable understanding of God, making the divine tangible and relatable, even to those who rely heavily on reason and logic. Through this course, you will establish a deep connection with the divine and unlock your own potential for greatness.

Butler goes beyond theoretical concepts by introducing the fascinating idea of “mind-centres.” These individuals, destined for greatness, are leaders, spiritual guides, and representatives of the divine on earth. And here’s the exciting part: you have the potential to become one of them. Learn how to tap into universal laws, understand and master them. By doing so, you will rise to prominence and play an active role in shaping the world as an intermediary between the divine and the mortal.

Furthermore, Butler sheds light on one of the most profound mysteries of the Christian faith: Christ. Gain a deeper understanding of his identity and mission, unravelling the core tenets of Christianity. Whether you’re a devout believer, a sceptic, or somewhere in between, this course promises to challenge your beliefs, expand your horizons, and offer invaluable insights.

“The Goal of Life” is not just a book; it’s an extraordinary journey towards self-development and leadership. Embrace this opportunity to gain clarity, unify science and spirituality, and unlock your true potential. Join us at the Square Academy and embark on this life-changing adventure.

To summarise, this course aims to:

1. Provide a clear idea of God.

2. Clarify man’s relationship with God, making it tangible and understandable not just through devotion but also reason.

3. Expand the understanding of God, the universe, and the vastness of existence, emphasizing the unity and purpose within it.

4. Highlight that everything is moving towards a definite purpose under an all-powerful mind.

5. Discuss the formation of “mind-centres” which are individualized humans, described as the “first ripe fruit of the earth.” These individuals are destined to be leaders and spiritual guides.

6. Emphasize that humans have the potential to understand universal laws, master them, and thereby rule the earth, acting as representatives of God’s will.

7. Unveil the mystery of Christ, explaining his identity and mission.

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