Freemasonry and the Metaverse

Since the December 2021 article I have witnessed growing interest in the Freemasonry and the Metaverse on social media.

Some projects are starting out as Masonic art NFT collections, while others are more clearly see a point in the future where they will be lodges operating in a metaverse.

The author of this article, who wishes that his identity remain anonymous, reached out to make contact via Instagram, having read the December 2021 article the Great Architect of the Metaverse. [Publisher]

Freemasonry and the Metaverse

Whether we like it or not, the metaverse is unfolding ahead of us. The direction of its unfoldment is down to those who choose to take part in its construction.

The market for Masonic NFTs is growing but there is also an incredible opportunity for the introduction of the metaverse lodge:

“Freemasonry in the metaverse is a longer-term proposition.

The significant difference will be that Freemasonry in the metaverse will focus on masonic knowledge: the goal of being a good citizen of the world.

There will be no dining club.

Freemasonry in the metaverse will not be watered down, more likely to be more intense. Far more instructive. Far more value to the member in the current world and future world.

Also, the ritual will be far more intense. The candidate and lodge members will be taken into king Solomon’s temple. It could well be modelled on the actual temple.

Imagine having the second degree going up the winding staircase to the middle temple.”

– Nicholas Broadway

Can You Imagine a World Without Freemasonry?

It is not an encouraging thought. 

The metaverse is expanding at an awe-inspiring rate, and this will continue regardless of how positive we may or may not believe it will be for humanity’s future.

We have two choices:

1. A metaverse without Freemasonry
2. A metaverse with Freemasonry

Out of these two options, which do you believe will provide the highest chance of the metaverse – or least part of it – evolving into a positive realm of learning, wisdom, and brotherhood for coming generations?

Many will use the metaverse as an opportunity to make money.

Some ventures may be honourable and helpful, others less so. So, whose role is it to ensure this metaverse will become a place that helps with the betterment of mankind and the world we live in?

Do we rely on tech giants alone to provide their own versions of guidance and wisdom to everyone in the world?

Or should Freemasonry expand its presence to ensure the Light of Wisdom and Brotherhood can be found more easily by everyone worldwide?

Our intentions govern the activity of our daily lives, just as the intentions of councils and governments shape cities and countries. The metaverse will be no different.

Technology and business are key to the evolution of civilisations and industries, with money being central to such activities.

The same rules apply to the metaverse as it comes into being – it will be a product of the intentions of those who are actively creating it.

While the thought of having non-physical lodges in the metaverse may seem far from ideal, it is an option preferable to having no Masonic lodges in the metaverse at all.

How Freemasonry may grow over the coming years is down to its members, but by no means will metaverse lodges be a replacement for traditional lodges.

They will exist to complement them and provide opportunities for people to become Freemasons who may not have considered it previously.

As the inevitable transition of Freemasonry into the metaverse is now in progress, we should take this chance to consider possibilities of how a metaverse lodge structure could potentially work.

The following outlines are ideas in their infancy and must be pondered on and expanded upon as the journey of the Masonic metaverse begins…

Code of Honour

· Emphasis on honesty, integrity, honour, brotherhood

· The importance of service to humanity and to the plan of the Great Architect of the Universe

· Retain the traditional moral values of Freemasonry, with the opportunity to expand upon them for the modern world

· Thought, speech, and actions guided by Masonic wisdom

· To be taught awareness of the intentions of Freemasonry on all levels and to live life with aligned intent

· Balance of wisdom, knowledge, and power under the guidance of love for all mankind

· Right ethics in the outer world, inner worlds, and metaverse

· Social status is a driving factor in the online world. This must not be allowed to happen in any metaverse lodge – passing through the degrees of initiation must not be used to fuel ego-driven desires or status 

Lodge Structure

· A regulated governing body for all metaverse lodges that is independent from any Grand Lodge, but run by those who are experienced members of a regulated Grand Lodge

· This governing body will work closely with at least one established Grand Lodge while remaining independent from it

· There will be multiple lodges set up initially by the metaverse lodge board with options for varying focus, such as:

o A lodge suitable for most members of regular Grand Lodges. Many current members may not like the idea of such a change so it’s important they have something as familiar as possible within the metaverse

o A lodge with focus on intense learning, mentorship, and ritual, embracing Western Esoteric teachings suitably through a system of initiations. This lodge can possibly look to unify the Western Mystery teachings in a new structure suitable for the world ahead, following the strict moral code Freemasonry offers

o A lodge with a more exoteric focus while offering a solid structure of morals, learning, mentorship, and ritual

· Different metaverse lodges can be formed by current members of regular Grand lodges, pending approval and review from the metaverse lodge regulatory team

· Once metaverse lodge candidates have reached a particular degree they have the option to form their own metaverse lodge if they have a unique focus or perspective to offer

· It is possible that membership to one metaverse lodge will grant the member to access all metaverse lodges, as with regular lodges

Charity and Financials

Humanity has been hit hard these past two years. Most people have no idea what has been going on, or what may lie ahead.

Charity has always been at the forefront of Freemasonry, and that must be retained in the metaverse.

The methods of helping those who need it and making the world a better place will need to adapt and grow as the world goes through its changes.

Metaverse lodges will have options for charitable work in the traditional sense plus new opportunities:

· Providing free education to the masses in many new ways

· Spreading wisdom and extending the concept of brotherhood beyond lodges and metaverse lodges

· Free cybersecurity training

· Investment in the creative arts, old and new. Such industries have suffered recently and must thrive in the future

· Assistance with health – physical, mental, and emotional

· Each individual metaverse lodge will choose its own charity

· Each metaverse lodge member will pay a small yearly or monthly membership fee. Membership fees will be significantly lower than regular lodges due to lower overheads

· Each metaverse lodge will donate a percentage of their income to their chosen charitable cause(s)

· Masonic and esoteric NFT art may be sold within lodges and the metaverse lodge space, but it is important that this is NOT the main focus of metaverse lodges

· Metaverse lodges are NOT in anyway to turn into money grabbing schemes. The flow of funds into and out of metaverse lodges is important for dynamic growth and serving the world but must never become a priority above honour, wisdom, integrity, truth, service, and brotherhood

Academy of Learning

Various courses can be offered through metaverse lodges to provide Masonic knowledge to members.

Due to the potential for variety in lodge focus, the possibility for the range of subjects is broad.

Both esoteric and exoteric courses can be offered depending on the lodge and its members.

Courses can be a combination of video, text, live lectures, and group interaction of students.

New and classic books containing reliable Masonic knowledge can be listed to assist with students’ progress.

The educational side of metaverse lodges has vast potential and will be a higher focus than the social aspects of traditional Freemasonry.

Book Extract

Below is an edited extract from a book currently being written by the author of this article:

The digital domain is important but in no way a replacement for the invisible realms where God’s True Mysteries may be found – just like the vehicles of flesh have their vital place but to confine yourself to them and shut out the Light of Wisdom will likewise lead in the wrong direction.

In any place where the Greater Light is shut out darkness will eventually rule.

The same applies to individuals, nations, groups, the inner planes, the metaverse, and all else in the cosmos. The Light of Wisdom has potential to shine in the metaverse just as it does in every man and women.

Never has the time been so ripe for the Mysteries to be revealed to the world in a greater degree. While the secrets of initiation have always been guarded with care, due to current and forthcoming opportunities and threats it is crucial that as many people as possible have access to the wisdom and brotherhood offered by Freemasonry and related initiatory systems.

For with initiation comes a freedom, protection, and opportunity for service that no worldly success alone can offer.

The heart of the one who loves others and God more than his own personal interests is the heart that is ready for those great initiations which lead the candidate from darkness to light, from ignorance to wisdom, and from restriction to freedom.

Since time immemorial teachings of wisdom have been passed down through trusted brotherhoods of initiation to those who are ready and willing.

Right now, the world is changing, and these changes are bringing with them great openings for transformation.

As the forces of evolution accelerate in their proposed direction, they will carry along with them all who have chosen to align themselves as such.

However, it is possible that the unfoldment of the metaverse could be influenced by those whose focus is in the opposite direction to that which Freemasonry and related initiatory systems offer.

Destruction and creation is a cyclic process, and one that must lead to a future that is brighter than the past.

Lodges, orders, esoteric schools, and humanity as a whole all have the choice to embrace the evolutionary currents which are bringing with them opportunities for intense learning and advancement.

It is important that those who align themselves with the Great Architect of The Universe’s Plan take advantage of all opportunities lying ahead.

Note From the Author

Not everyone will like the concept of the metaverse, and I’m not saying that I necessarily like or agree with it myself.

But unless the right people step up soon to lay foundations of honour, wisdom, and integrity, it will have the potential to become a rather chaotic place indeed.

The world and its people need the guidance of wisdom more than ever right now and in the days ahead.

Many of the greatest men in the past have been Freemasons. This tradition can be continued by providing the men and women of the future the tools they require right now to accomplish incredible achievements in a new world that will be quite different to the old one.

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Helps those seeking the hidden mysteries of nature and science gain the occult knowledge and wisdom required to master their inner self and outer life.


Helps those seeking the hidden mysteries of nature and science gain the occult knowledge and wisdom required to master their inner self and outer life.


Helps those seeking the hidden mysteries of nature and science gain the occult knowledge and wisdom required to master their inner self and outer life.

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