Who are SOGLIA?

SOGLIA is confederation of Grand Freemason Obediences in which all members obey principles of Regularity. Assembled annually, in different places of the world, in order to share fellowship and to promote Masonic tradition, SOGLIA members are respecting the autonomy of each Grand Lodge.

That is expressed by variety of accepted and recognized Rituals practiced in our Grand Lodges around the world. Our association was born in the year 6010.Y:T:L: by signing the Treaty of Arezzo, in the city that welcomed eight Grand Masters representing eight Grand Lodges.

Subsequently more Grand Lodges have join SOGLIA spanning our society to the five continents.


On the day of our Lord the 30th of January 6010, in the city of Arezzo in Italy, a number of Grand Masters and Grand Dignitaries of the following Regular Grand Lodges:

• Gran Loggia D’Italia della Massoneria Universale (GOIF-R), Bro. Pasquale Cerofolini

• Gran Loggia Regolare di Rito Emulation degli Antichi Massoni d’Italia (GOIF-R), Bro. Carmelo di Bella

• Regular Grand Lodge of Romania (Marea Loja Regulara a Romaniei), Bro Dorian Orz

• Grand Lodge of the Masonic High Council Of Serbia ( Velika Loža Visokog Masonskog Saveta Srbije), Bro. Borko Žiravac

• Regular Grand Lodge of Slovenia (Velika Regularna Loza Slovenie), Bro.Dušan Mikuš

• Gran Logia Regular York de México,

• Gran Logia Regular del Estado de Guerrero (México)

• Regular Grand Lodge of Texas F&AM, presently Abraham Grand Lodge AF&AM. Bro. Weston Jarvis

• National Grand Lodge of Chile, Bro. Emiliano Lepe Cabalero

With the initiative of M.W. Bro. Pasquale Cerofolini (Italy), Brothers Grand Masters from eight Grand Lodges met in due form in order to discuss and agree on the formation of a new Masonic Body in order to promote Fraternal relationship amongst the Members of the Grand Lodges, grant the preservation of the philosophic and symbolic essence, the Traditions, Charges and Usages of the Ancient Craft of the Freemasonry, encourage the development of Regular Freemasonry worldwide, contribute to the improvement of moral and ethical approach to life of the whole society, foster Masonic Research and activities more in general including, but not limited to, charitable and philanthropic initiatives. Later on in June 6009 Y.T.L. on SOLIA congregation in city of Catania in Italy, in hospitality dear Bro. Carmelo di Bella, “Treaty of Arezzo” was amended and signed by founders.

The above said Grand Masters finally established an agreement, named “Treaty of Arezzo”.
This document was endorsed upon on conclusion of the assembly.

The “Treaty of Arezzo” is the foundation stone of this new Masonic Body and its content shall prevail over any future provision in the Statutes and Regulations, in case of controversy or contradiction.

The text of the “Treaty of Arezzo” clearly embodies the true spirit of this initiative that is open for joining to all Regular Grand Lodges of the world.

Page 1 of the Statute of SOGLIA

A list of Grand Lodges can be found here: Grand Lodges

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Who are SOGLIA?

Society of Grand Lodges in Alliance (SOGLIA) is a confederation of Grand Freemason Obediences in which all members obey the principles of Regularity. Assembled annually, in different places of the world, in order to share fellowship and to promote Masonic tradition, SOGLIA members are respecting the autonomy of each Grand Lodge.

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