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Welcome to the March 2023 issue of The Square

Here in the UK it feels as if the Winter of Discontent is never-ending. The weather is at that tediously unpredictable stage, veering from downright miserable to (very occasional) glimpses of tantalising brightness – and the mood of the Nation is pretty much reflecting this.

Many of us are feeling sluggish and grumpy, resembling hibernating bears roused ungraciously from slumber.

I was, however, gladdened to read a recent study stating that it is perfectly acceptable to sleep longer in the winter due to our natural circadian bodily rhythms attuning to ‘hibernating bear’ mode, and I’m sticking firmly to that theory.

However, Spring is just around the corner, and hopefully we can revive and thrive again very soon.

Talking of slumbering, reviving, and hopefully thriving, Robert Lomas, the well-known Masonic author and lecturer, has been examining the health of English Freemasonry after the dark winter(s) of the ‘Covid Years’.

In Reviving a Slumbering Giant, Robert takes a look at whether Freemasonry has managed to revive and thrive after the darkness of the Pandemic. Just like the glimpses of early spring sunshine, he is able to shed some promising light on the subject.

This month’s Editor picks:

Masonic Miscellanies – this month we take a look at the four veils in Royal Arch Masonry. What do they represent, and what is the ‘Ceremony of Passing the Veils’?

General Regulations of a Free Mason – as contained in Anderson’s Constitutions of the Freemasons, published in 1723, the Regulations are of great historical interest.

Compiled by George Payne, the second Grand Master of the Premier Grand Lodge of England, they were printed in 1722/3, just over five years after the formation of the Grand Lodge in 1717.

How to Learn Ritual with a Learning Disorder – Most Masons when first looking at the ritual book can understandably be fazed – the tiny print, the missing words, the questions and answers!

Learning ritual can be a challenging task for anyone, especially individuals with learning disorders, but it is not impossible.

Here are some tips to help make the process easier.

Burns’ Masonic Farewell – in 1786 the Masonic Bard declared his intention to emigrate to Jamaica.

He subsequently wrote one of his finest poetical pieces – a poignant Farewell to Freemasonry – to his Brethren of St. James’s Lodge, Tarbolton. However, Burns’ never left; Carlos Oliveira Santos reveals all.

A Man of High Ideals – A biography of Kenneth Wilson, his life at Wellington College, and Freemasonry in New Zealand by W. Bro Geoff Davies PGD and Rhys Davies

The First Degree Lecture Part 2 – William Preston (1742 – 1818) gives his lectures in the form of a Catechism – questions and answers – and broken down into seven bite size chunks. This article is the second of the seven part series presented by Steve Goulding.

The Relevance of Freemasonry – Salik Tariq examines Freemasonry’s indispensable role in contemporary society and through its efforts to evolve and adapt to the changing needs of its members and the world, the organisation continues to be a vital force in shaping a better future for all.

Practical Life Lessons taught through Freemasonry Part 3 – this series of articles offers a guide to practical life lessons taught through Freemasonry for young adults setting out in life after full time education – Lesson 3: How to take care of your physical and mental health.

Artificial Intelligence and Its Uses – George Boussoutas Thanasoulas offers us a fascinating insight into the uses of AI, not only in society at large but its role in Freemasonry.

As always, we also have the usual features of podcasts, blogs, old books, new books, reviews of books, and a whole host of Masonic knowledge to keep you busy with your ‘daily advancement’.

We hope you enjoy this month’s issue. If you do – or if you don’t – drop me a line at

Until next time, stay safe and well.

Philippa Lee


Article by: Philippa Lee. Editor

Philippa Lee (writes as Philippa Faulks) is the author of eight books, an editor and researcher.

Philippa was initiated into the Honourable Fraternity of Ancient Freemasons (HFAF) in 2014.

Her specialism is ancient Egypt, Freemasonry, comparative religions and social history. She has several books in progress on the subject of ancient and modern Egypt.  Selection of Books Online at Amazon

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