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In “More Light: Today’s Freemasonry for Men and Women,” Julian Rees embarks on a quest to shed light on the rich tapestry of Freemasonry, specifically that of the International Order of Freemasonry for Men and Women Le Droit Humain. The work meticulously illuminates the progressive, inclusive, and esoteric aspects of Freemasonry, elucidating its rituals, philosophies, and foundational origins.

Rees, with his reputation as an esteemed Masonic scholar and former Deputy Editor of Freemasonry Today, brings a unique blend of erudition and accessibility to the topic. The book meticulously stitches together the threads of Freemasonry’s historical lineage—from the Ancient Mysteries, Mithraism, Eleusinian practices, and medieval stonemasons—while simultaneously exploring its contemporary relevance and application.

Notably, “More Light” is unapologetically inclusive, underscoring the mixed-gender nature of Le Droit Humain. The subject matter presents an intriguing lens through which to view Freemasonry, upending preconceptions of an all-male brotherhood. In its portrayal, the book posits Freemasonry as a truly liberal, spiritual, and philosophical pursuit, inviting men and women alike into its folds.

The introduction by Darren Lorente-Bull, a scholar of Christian Mysticism, Buddhism, Philosophy, and the Western Mystery Tradition, adds a broader mystical and philosophical context, adding a valuable depth to the work.

Rees has a gift for presenting potentially dense, arcane material in an engaging, lucid manner. The book dives into the ceremonial and ritual aspects of Freemasonry, but in a way that invites curiosity rather than intimidating the reader with complexity.

However, the strength of “More Light” also lies in its attention to detail. Rees does not shy away from painting a comprehensive picture of Freemasonry. It highlights the Order’s commitment to ethical living, spiritual enlightenment, and the universal fraternity of humanity. This earnest portrayal will undoubtedly resonate with readers who have an interest in alternative spiritual traditions and those who wish to better understand the philosophies shaping Freemasonry.

In essence, “More Light” serves as both an informative guide and a compelling invitation. It’s a must-read for those interested in Freemasonry, esotericism, and the history of spiritual traditions. Julian Rees has crafted a book that is as enlightening as its title suggests, drawing back the veil on an often-misunderstood tradition and offering a nuanced portrayal that speaks to the universal pursuit of wisdom and enlightenment. Whether a seasoned Mason or a curious onlooker, “More Light” offers a rich, immersive experience that will leave readers with a deeper understanding of the enigmatic world of Freemasonry.


Article by:  Julian Rees

Julian Rees was initiated into Freemasonry in 1968 in Kirby Lodge No. 2818, London and was Master in 1976/77 and again at the centenary of the Lodge in 1999/2000. He joined many other UGLE Lodges. 

He has been a regular contributor to Freemasonry Today since its founding in 1997 and from 2003 to 2007 he was Deputy and News Editor. 

He was appointed active Junior Grand Deacon in the United Grand Lodge of England in 2007. In 2011 he left UGLE and joined the International Order of Freemasonry for Men and Women Le Droit Humain. He remains a well-published and respected Masonic author.

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