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Making Good Men Better

By: Carl W. Davis (Author), Theodore S. Jackson (Editor)

Making Good Men Better is an accessible and succinct devotional for Freemasons and those who are curious about the Craft.

Each week Davis invites the reader to explore a new symbolic lesson taken directly from the teachings of masonic ritual through his down-to-earth explanations, anecdotes, and reflections.

Part devotional and part journal, each week’s section includes space for the reader to note his or her own thoughts about the topic at hand, making this an immensely practical tool for the new or seasoned speculative Mason who wants to delve deeper into the teachings of this ancient fraternity.


21st Century Conversations About Freemasonry: A Candle In the Dark

By: John W. Bizzack (Author), Dan M. Kemble (Contributor)

In 21st Century Conversations About Freemasonry: A Candle in the Dark, authors John W. Bizzack and Dan M. Kemble have used a fictional series of virtual meetings to identify and address how the Masonic Fraternity has lost its sense of identity as an Enlightenment Era institution.

As contemporary society has moved away from Enlightenment Era thinking and precepts, so too has Freemasonry.

The imagined Brothers use 21st century technology to stay connected, while pinpointing their several concerns about the current state of the Craft.

Tracing an historical (albeit winding) path from the Age of Enlightenment to the modern era, two separate strains of practicing Freemasonry emerge. One strain, referred to as the Mainstream Masonic Community, prefers a less intellectually rigorous approach and is essentially a community service club.

The other strain, while much smaller, identified as Heritage Seekers, looks to re-connect the Fraternity with its Enlightenment Era roots.

The discussion that unfolds in the book is the same discussion being held Masonic groups across the United States at this time. It is a discussion that addresses the very essence of Freemasonry.


Freemasonry and the Visual Arts

By:  Reva Wolf (Editor), Alisa Luxenberg (Editor)

With the dramatic rise of Freemasonry in the eighteenth century, art played a fundamental role in its practice, rhetoric, and global dissemination, while Freemasonry, in turn, directly influenced developments in art.

This mutually enhancing relationship has only recently begun to receive its due.

The vilification of Masons, and their own secretive practices, have hampered critical study and interpretation.

As perceptions change, and as masonic archives and institutions begin opening to the public, the time is ripe for a fresh consideration of the interconnections between Freemasonry and the visual arts.

This volume offers diverse approaches, and explores the challenges inherent to the subject, through a series of eye-opening case studies that reveal new dimensions of well-known artists such as Francisco de Goya and John Singleton Copley, and important collectors and entrepreneurs, including Arturo Alfonso Schomburg and Baron Taylor.

Individual essays take readers to various countries within Europe and to America, Iran, India, and Haiti.

The kinds of art analyzed are remarkably wide-ranging-porcelain, architecture, posters, prints, photography, painting, sculpture, metalwork, and more-and offer a clear picture of the international scope of the relationships between Freemasonry and art and their significance for the history of modern social life, politics, and spiritual practices.

In examining this topic broadly yet deeply, Freemasonry and the Visual Arts sets a standard for serious study of the subject and suggests new avenues of investigation in this fascinating emerging field.


Invention of the Degrees of Freemasonry

By: Albert Mackey

We would be kidding ourselves if we believed that the Masonic lodge experience of today is the same as the experience when Speculative Freemasonry began, or in the days of the old Operative Freemasons.

Albert Mackey provides us with a detailed explanation of how we evolved from a one degree operative system of Freemasonry into the three craft lodge degrees of today.

This is an important work for any student of Freemasonry. Includes a clickable Table of Contents.


Little Lodges on the Prairie: Freemasonry & Laura Ingalls Wilder

By: Teresa Lynn

The Little House on the Prairie books and TV show have inspired generations, but few people know the history of the Ingalls family in Freemasonry.

Discover new stories about Laura Ingalls Wilder in Little Lodges on the Prairie: Freemasonry & Laura Ingalls Wilder, the first book to comprehensively document the role Masonry and the Eastern Star played in the lives of this iconic American family.

A lively and informative look at this lesser-known aspect of Laura’s life, including documents which have rarely been seen and never before been published, Little Lodges on the Prairie gives readers an intriguing new and unique perspective on Laura Ingalls Wilder and her family.


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