Tubal Cain Masonic Aprons

Tubal Cain Masonic Apron project launched on Opensea.io

Project Road Map – Update

The first series of Tubal Cain Masonic Aprons are released to the Opensea NFT Marketplace.

These can be viewed on Opensea https://opensea.io/collection/masonic-aprons

The plan is to mint about 10 new aprons per week, over 100 weeks, making a total of 1000 unique designs.

After the first 50 apron sales we will start the process of gifting aprons to masonic charities. 

At least 10% in all will be gifted so that masonic charities can auction the NFT to raise funds for their charity. 

Custom Made Tubal Cain Masonic Apron

Tubal Cain has partnered up with Jason Industries, a leading global masonic regalia manufacture to produce custom made versions of Tubal Can Masonic Aprons to order.

Jason Industries founded in 1983, is a leading manufacturer and exporters, Supplier, re-enactment and Reproducer of all kind of Bullion Wire Badges, Uniform Accessories & Accoutrements, Caps & Visors, Masonic Regalia Products, Orthodox Products, Flag Accessories, and Scottish Items.


Top Right: NFT Masonic Apron
Top Left: Embroidery Detail
Lower Right: Embroidery Detail
Lower Left: Full Size Real Apron

These are high quality masonic aprons that could be worn by their owner, or could be mounted and framed to be hung on the wall.

This process of creating a real product based on an NFT demonstrates the value of an NFT, smart contract and open source blockchain.

The NFT (Non-fungible Token)

The NFT (Non-fungible Token ) is the absolute indisputable record of ownership and provenance.  Anyone could down load a copy of the Tubal Cain Masonic apron image from the internet. 

They could have a print made, they could even have an apron made from the image.  But both the print and apron would be counterfeit.  They look like the real thing.  And could be sold as copies of the real thing.  But without the NFT which is the absolute proof of ownership and provenance, they are just counterfeit copies.  

Using the NFT token, which is basically a line of unique text, anyone could search the Ethereum blockchain, using the Etherscan explorer  https://etherscan.io/ , and would be able to identify the Ethereum wallet address of the NFT owner.

If a new owner wishes to purchase a Tubal Cain Masonic Apron, they would in fact purchase the NFT token.  The purchase process is contained in a smart contract. 

A smart contract is a computer program which undertakes the transfer of the NFT from one Ethereum Wallet address to another ( from the seller to the buyer ) at the same time undertakes the transfer of payment.

In this case Eth which is the currency on the Ethereum blockchain from the buyer’s wallet to the seller’s wallet address.

Then finally records that both transfers took place on the Ethereum blockchain which is open for everyone to see. 

Note only the wallet address is recorded in the transaction, not the personal identity of the owner of the wallet address.

So a public record is kept of the transaction between seller and buyer.

In time all items of value will be tokenised.  That is, an authority, normally the original producer or legal records office would create the NFT.

That NFT might have some previous historical documents saved digitally with the NFT, and only available to the owner of the NFT at the time, which proves historical provenance. 

Then for the ownership of that NFT to be transferred from seller to buyer, it  would require the smart contract, and that transfer is saved on the public blockchain. 

This is a “trustless” transaction.  Neither party need to put any trust in the other, employ a third party  intermediary or even know each other to conduct and save a transaction. 

Also this process can be carried out 24/7.  There is no time restrictions, no office open hours or trading time restrictions.

Already $billions are transacted using NFTs every week around the globe and this is only increasing at an exponential rate.

Tubal Cain Masonic Aprons are a perfect example where NFT Art crosses over from the digital world to the real world. 

Traveling Man NFT

Traveling Man aka Daniel Duke, best selling author and Freemason has launched a carefully curated selection of masonic art NFTs on the Opensea NFT Marketplace.

Daniel Duke, the great-great grandson of Jesse James, who grew up surrounded by stories of lost outlaw treasures.

For more than two decades he has researched the mysteries involving his family, Freemasonry, and the Knights Templar and has now shared his secrets in two fascinating books.

These can be viewed here https://opensea.io/collection/traveling-man


Daniel Duke, the great-great grandson of Jesse James, grew up surrounded by stories of lost outlaw treasures.

For more than two decades he has researched the mysteries involving his family, Freemasonry, and the Knights Templar and has now shared his secrets in two fascinating books.


Lost Templar Treasure: Secret Diaries, Coded Maps, and the Knights of the Golden Circle 

Call to Masonic Artist to join the masonic are NFT  community

If you are a Masonic artist and would like to know more about NFTs or would like to collaborate on future Tubal Cain projects please email njb@thesquaremagazine.com


Further Reading


Article link in FT ( Financial Times published in London England )

Who would spend thousands of pounds on something that can’t be worn in real life? More people than you’d think. The frenzy over non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is extending to fashion, and it’s creating a market where shoes and dresses that only exist as digital files sell for couture prices.


What are NFTs – video links

For those readers who want to learn more about NFT art, here is a link to Youtube channel which offers a basic introduction.

Article by: Nicholas J Broadway

njcholas broadway

Nicholas was initiated into Freemasonry in 1989 in Stonewell Lodge No. 9137, Essex England (UGLE) and was Master in 1995, 2011 and 2016. He also joined other UGLE Lodges and is a PZ in the Holy Royal Arch. 

He acquired the title of The Square Magazine in January 2020 and oversees the technical running of the digital publication.

He lives in West Sussex and assists the Provincial Grand Lodge of Sussex Communications Team with Social Media activities. 

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