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The purpose of this portal is to bring together Freemasons who practice the Modern Rite, members of lodges affiliated with the regular obediences of Brazil.

The portal is not linked to any lodge or obedience, being the result of the joint effort of all the brothers who practice the Modern Rite.

Conceived after the 1st National Congress of the Modern Rite on 05/19/2018 and in accordance with the proposals and the open letter developed for all Freemasons in Brazil.

About the Modern Rite

As is often the case in Freemasonry, one must be careful with words … their Masonic sense is often far from their usual meaning, and therefore “modern and ancient” inaccuracies and misinterpretations can occur.

In the history of speculative Freemasonry these terms do not have the same meaning if looked up in dictionaries.

These adjectives refer to an ancient conflict of ideas that took place in England in the mid-18th century, between the first Grand Lodge of London in 1717 and a second Masonic organization that appears a little later – in 1753 (The Grand Lodge of England) .

Although it was chronologically newer or more modern, it intended to keep the old usages, hence the qualification “Ancient”.

The Grand Lodge of England, accused the first Grand Lodge of London of having made several changes to the rituals and of de-Christianizing them, and started to call it “Grand Lodge of the Moderns”.

This adjective “modern” would therefore have a pejorative character, depending on how someone puts himself in the conversation.

Paradoxically, this situation caused the brothers of the first Grand Lodge of London founded in 1717 to be called “Moderns”, which is always indicated as the emerging of speculative Freemasonry.

This rite, ours, the Modern Rite, came from London to France around 1725, and was the only ritual practice for a long time in France and later arrived in Brazil. But that’s a topic for another article.

Returning to the essence of the Modern Rite: the use of symbolic language, the practice of a Rite and the constant reference to the concepts of Order, Tradition and Initiation tend to mark us deeply with the passage of time.

The step induced by these practices and these concepts leads us to seek ways that are more suitable for ourselves, those that allow us to ceaselessly reduce, until their disappearance, the difference that existed in the beginning between ritual practices and our experience.

To discuss the Modern Rite, it is necessary to ask a question: why “practice Freemasonry”?

The “paths” marked by the different Rites constitute converging routes to the center or to Freemasonry itself.

These different channels allow each search engine, after a longer or shorter time, to make us find the meaning of why we are a Freemason.

This choice is of paramount importance, as our balance will depend on it, the first step towards our achievement.

The judicious choice of the Rite participates in our balance for philosophical growth, just as a healthy diet is responsible for our physical balance.

Therefore, we highlight 3 main characteristics of the Modern Rite: sobriety, rigor and coherence…

We can conceive of the Modern Rite as that set of freely accepted norms that indicate a path that codifies relationships within the Lodges considering:

The ease of freedom of expression and thought;

allowing to articulate different symbolic ideas within a space and time with specific objectives. Collective work in stores and individual introspection;

privileges ideas about forms, valuing ethical and moral values ​​through respect for differences, total freedom of conscience and personal and intellectual development, encouraging study, analysis, observation and self-assessment.

Finally, the Modern Rite is a lay Rite and takes into account the belief in a creative principle.  

In addition, it uses philosophy, sociology, psychology, science among many other areas as its main study and investigation tools to seek an understanding of symbology in Freemasonry and its purposes.

We hope that this portal can contribute to the Modern Rite and Brazilian Freemasonry.

Text and images, copyright; Modern Rite Team Brazil.


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Belief in God – Aspects of the Modern Rite

Theologian Fabrício Veliq explains that BELIEF and FAITH have relationships and differences. It is very common for Christians to see other religions as beliefs and the Christian religion as faith.

From very early in the history of Christianity, belief was linked with faith and for a long time they were considered synonymous.

Since one of the definitions of the word belief indicates that it is a “conviction deep”, or an “attitude of someone who believes in a person or something”, it was difficult for the Middle Ages to preach that to be a person of faith was necessary to be convinced about the doctrine that was preached in the Christian environment.

With the advent of Modernity, however, this type of concept changes significantly.

THE belief, based mainly on modern empiricism, comes to be considered as “subjective willingness to consider something right or true, by force of habit or sensitive impressions.

With this in mind, and as it is not possible to go back to the past, think the relationship and differences between belief and faith today becomes something important and even, necessary.

It is common, when approaching this theme from a theological perspective, to define belief as something that would be something common to all people, more linked to the idea of ​​believing in something or someone, like it can be perceived on a daily basis in the various family, institutional, love relationships etc., since in all these types of relationships it is presupposed to believe that the one we trust will not betray us or pay our salary on time, etc. that sense simpler to believe, which involves a certain certainty of what will happen, would be what today defines as a belief.

Faith, on the other hand, is defined as having to do with a fundamental decision to give your heart to someone or something, so it’s not something that comes simply out of habit, or that it must be blindly believed, but it also involves a reflection on what one wishes to place this faith on…

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