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The Jewel of the Past Master

We take an in-depth look at the 47th Proposition of the 1st Book of Euclid as part of the jewel of the Past Master.

Great Architect of the Metaverse

Are you ready to meet in the metaverse ? what can you expect to see and do ?

Masonic Swords

Masonic Miscellanies

You probably know what a bookplate is for, but did you know that the earliest known book mark/label dates from the reign of Amenhotep III in Egypt around 1391−1353 BCE?!

Masonic Blogs

The purpose of this portal is to bring together Freemasons who practice the Modern Rite, members of lodges affiliated with the regular obediences of Brazil.

Masonic Pens

Value Proposition of Freemasonry

Discover how Masonic ritual can teach you to be happy, healthy, wealthy and wise!

Masonic Regalia

The Joy of Masonic Book Collecting

Never judge a book by its cover - there may be another story within!

The Builders – 2. The Working Tools

2. The Working Tools - Explore an outstanding classic in Masonic literature - an exposition of the early history and symbolism of Freemasonry – from the foundations upwards.

Bricks Masons

The Christianising of British Freemasonries – Part 4

This four-part series considers the separation of British freemasonries from the Grand Orient of France (GOdF) and maintaining fraternity with the Prussian Grand Lodge of the Three Globes.

The Season of Renewal

This spectacle takes place at the same time every year. Literally, the sun 'dies' for three days, then is reborn on the Christmas morning.

Masonic Ties

Freemasonry and Esotericism

Universal Freemasonry, beyond its particular and different rites and rituals, is an esoteric school itself since there can be no Freemasonry without esotericism.

If Found on the Level

Applying the working tools to achieve our peculiar system of morality.

Masonic Watches

Ashlar Chippings

Hugh O’Neill's regular chippings whilst smoothing the ashlar: - 1) Multiple ceremonies and 2) A horseman revealed!

The Pentacle and the Letter G

In the centre of the ceiling in every well-decorated Lodge room there should be a pentacle having within it the letter 'G'.

Masonic Ring

Masonic Podcasts

Our pick of the best Masonic Podcasts

Old Tiler Talks

A Mason's Christmas - Do you believe in Christmas celebrations should be held by the lodge ? Should members be asked to contribute to one and engage in Christmas festivities ? What is the old tilers take on this ?

Masonic Cases

Hogarth – Finis!

For twelve months Hogarth and his Harlot have revealed all, and the Rake has exposed himself. In this, the last part of the series (for now), we get a final glimpse at a few more of Hogarth's Masonic 'reveals'.

Vows of Fidelity

The taking of a ‘Vow of Fidelity’. Oaths, Vows and Covenants

Masonic KT Regalia

Royalty And The Craft

A brief history on the relationship between the British Monarchy and the craft

Masonic Art NFTs on Opensea

We introduce a third selection of five masonic inspired NFT art collections available on Opensea produced by artists from around the globe.

Masonic Jewels

Meet The Artist

Constantinos Biliouris is a Greek Artist and brother from the Grand Lodge of Greece who creates a range of hand painted masonic aprons.

Tubal Cain – Masonic Aprons

Tubal Cain Masonic Apron NFTs are a collection of 1,000 unique digital designed Masonic collectable aprons, available as real collectable aprons.

book intro

Historico-Critical Inquiry into the Origin of the Rosicrucians and the Free-Masons – Thomas De Quincey

Lewis Book Store

Reviews and new publications from Lewis Masonic

Book Review – The Green Book of the Élus Coëns

The Green Book of the Élus Coëns is the most fascinating insight yet into the secrets and mysteries of the eighteenth century’s most esoteric of masonic societies – The Order of Knight-Mason Elect-Cohens of the Universe.

Book Review – The Rite of Seven Degrees

This book examines the deeply esoteric eighteenth-century Rite of Seven Degrees.

SQ Masonic Book Store

Selected Masonic Books available at Amazon

SQ Leadership and Personal Development Book Store

Selected Books on Leadership and Personal Development available at Amazon

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SQ Style – Man

Stand out from the crowd with SQ’s Masonic essentials

SQ Style – Feminine

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Hugo Boss

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