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PragaMasonica is an online presentation of the Masonic heritage of the Czech lands, including Prague, Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia.

It is an initiative of the independent research society.

Praga Masonica z.s. (IC 228 74 054); member of AMMLA – Association of Masonic Museums, Libraries and Archives.

From the PragaMasonica website:

Prague is an enigmatic city. For more than a thousand years, in the heart of Europe, it has witnessed European history in all its aspects.

The city of Prague has a material appearance, which is what we can see. But there is also a soul which we can only feel. Finally, there is the spirit of the city, which can be sensed by the initiated.

The various faces of Prague has given it many names: Praga Caput Regni, Prage Mater Urbium, Praga Aurea, Praga Alchymica, Praga Hermetica, Praga Judaica, Praga Magica, Praga Mysteriosa, etc. Perhaps surprisingly, there is also PRAGA MASONICA.

Prague is an old masonic center, yet not much is known about it.

You are invited to make a journey through various topics relating to Freemasonry in Prague and Bohemia in order to unveil and discover the hidden and the unknown.

Profit and pleasure shall be your reward.

City Tour

Prague is a city steeped in magic and mystery, and the mix of decorative symbolism to be found on architecture throughout the streets of the city gives a nod to the presence of Masonry (both operative and speculative).

PragaMasonic offers A journey along sights related to Freemasonry:

Prague is an old Masonic center.

Already 24 years after the first modern Grand Lodge was established in 1717 in London, we find reports of Masonic activities in Prague during the French-Bavarian occupation in 1741-42.

Freemasonry was in Prague in turns permitted and forbidden.

It had its golden years in the last quarter of the 18th century (ca 1764-1794) and during the 20s and 30s of the 20th century.

Freemasons left no obvious marks of their presence in the city.

However, the attentive visitor will recognize sometimes on the fronts of houses some symbols used in Freemasonry: Squares, compasses, trowels, levels, plumb rules, stars, sun, moon and other.

But one must also keep in mind, that actually Freemasonry took all its symbols from others, mostly from the building trade.

Generally, they signify Freemasonry only if they are grouped together in a specific way.

Historically the tracing boards depict a composition of symbols relevant for Masons to moralize upon in a lodge meeting.

This specific combinations “makes” the symbols Masonic.

Observing “Masonic” symbols in Prague one must be cautious.

So one can for example encounter many times the All Seeing Eye (radiating triangle with an eye in it), but this is here inevitable a religious symbol – God’s eye – heavily used in baroque decorations of churches, houses and monuments.

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Masonic Collections:

The website offers an insight into many aspects of Czech Freemasonry and its heritage. Amongst the featured collections are Masonic Certificates, Jewels & Medals, Bohemian Masonic Glass, and Seals.

Masonic glass ca 1830, Details showing St John the Baptist with Masonic symbols at his feet. North Bohemia ca 1830. (Glass Museum Kamenický Šenov, KS 447).
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Featured articles:

There are some superb articles on the site, many written by Jacob Sadilek MSc, the Chairman of the Praga Masonica Society.

Mozart and the Masons of Prague

A lot has been written about Mozart’s stay in Prague and also on Mozart’s Masonic activities.

It is widely known, that Mozart was initiated on 14 December 1784 in the Viennese lodge Zur Wohltatigkeit, passed into the second degree on 7 January 1785 in the lodge Zur wahren Eintracht.

This ceremony was led by Ignaz von Born.

Full article ….

Prague, an international Masonic city?

It is perhaps an unusual question, but one has to realize, that Prague has always been, for over a millennium, and will continue to be, an international place.

In addition, as Masonry is of English origins, there is an interesting Anglo-Czech Masonic relationship of which are many unaware.

How international is Prague?

Full article…

An old Masonic charity: The School for Deaf Mute in Prague

The School for children with hearing disabilities in Prague is the oldest institution of this kind in the Czech Republic, and also the largest and most advanced one today…

It is also a very old institute. It was founded in 1786 that is 225 years ago and was, until WWII, the only one of its kind in the whole country. 

It is not widely known, however, that it was founded, managed and financed for the first seven years, by freemasons. 


Full article…

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