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Practical Freemasonry is the brainchild of Minnesota Freemason Matt Gallagher – his humorous philosophical approach may just be the breath of fresh air some members need.

He asks:




“Why did you become a mason?”

This question gets a variety of answers, but most commonly candidates say “I want to be part of something bigger than myself.” That “something bigger” is a brotherhood with the will and the resources to get things done.

But it’s not a static thing that either exists or doesn’t; it’s a process of participation and role fulfilment.

Fulfilling roles in group dynamics is not like casting brothers in a degree.

People are who they are and taking an inventory of who you have will give you a great idea of the health of your lodge and who, if anyone is missing, you need to find.

Every successful lodge has four types of brothers: a Gambler, a Governor, a Go-Getter, and a Grunt.

Some lodges have a lot of some and only a few (or one) of others. Some brothers are more than one type (keep those!), but the presence of all four personalities is how you get things done…READ THE FULL BLOG HERE

NOTE: This is a special excerpt from the March issue of The Practicing Freemason Newsletter, which you can subscribe to on my Patreon for just $1 each month!

ABOUT Matt Gallagher

‘I’ve been a Freemason since 2010, and I’ve got one, pretty good talent; making connections. Not the elbow rubbing kind, but philosophical patterns.

Connecting the vague, and the mysterious, and the seemingly meaningless to each other, in a way that reveals a beautiful blueprint for our lives, and maybe even revealing a grand plan left to us in pieces by our long forgotten fore-bearers.

Or maybe I’m just making it all up. Who knows? That’s the funny thing about philosophy and symbolism.

It doesn’t really matter if it’s truth or fiction. It all works to the same effect if it connects with your heart, and makes sense to your head.

That’s what I do. I make the cryptic and arcane mysteries of masonry make sense to people.’

Welcome to the Brickyard: A Practical Freemasonry Primer

By: Matt Gallagher 

Welcome to the Brickyard is a brief on freemasonry, and how to join. But more than a simple how-to, this book tells you what kind of mindset you need to have in order to become a member of the Craft, and all the skinny on who, how, and why to join so you get the most out of your Mason’s Journey.



By: Matt Gallagher 

Practical Freemasonry is the backbone title of this entire series. It’s an easy read, designed to give to new brothers upon their raising, or for anyone interested in the bones of masonic philosophy.
This book focuses entirely on the core symbols of freemasonry: our working tools. The 24-inch Gauge, Gavel, Square, Plumb, Level, Trowel, and Compasses are all explained in an “ah-hah!” way, clearly explaining the concepts, and how we can use these concepts to improve our lives and understanding of ourselves.


Coming Soon

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