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This month we look at the website and blog of the Southern California Research Lodge, home of the Fraternal Review.

Aside from the blog, the site is packed with fantastic sections including a store, a link to their Podcast, and an Events page.

You can find out about the origins and mission of the lodge here, and last but not least a submission schedule for the Fraternal Review, should you wish to submit an article for consideration.

From the website:

We seek light through fraternity, education, and research.

The Southern California Research Lodge is dedicated to Masonic education and information.

We offer enlightenment to Masons and Lodges with our monthly publication, the Fraternal Review magazine.

Each issue is dedicated to a specific topic such as Masonic symbols, lore, and history. You do not need to be a Mason to subscribe.

The Southern California Research Lodge has published the Fraternal Review for over six decades.

Find out about our organization, its mission, methods, and the history of our printed publication.

From the blog:


November 16, 2020

Written by Robert Johnson

“In Fight Club, a story of internal struggle, perseverance, self-awareness and action is laid before us. There’s no good or evil. We have a man who descends into the realm of chaos only to be reborn, and by a victory over the mind, is raised to a new level of consciousness. Given all of this, how is Fight Club not Masonic?”

Fight Club – What does it have to do with Freemasonry? It’s gritty and vulgar, certainly two descriptors of what Freemasonry is inherently not. Fight Club is, on the surface, a testosterone-filled cinematic experience that puts on a pedestal those ideas of power, masculinity and sexual prowess.

Behind the curtain however, lays a deeper story…

Read the full article here

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Southern California Research Lodge
P.O. Box 3487
South Pasadena, CA 91031

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