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On this page you will find knowledge about Freemasonry in general that will allow you to learn about the fundamentals of our order. 

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7 Tips to Progress in Freemasonry


January 5, 2021 by The Mason’s Blog

Freemasonry is an institution that has seduced thousands of people throughout history. From those who seek knowledge to the more adventurous who opt for conspiracy theories; Freemasonry has much to offer its members. In today’s post, we are going to give you 7 tips that will make you progress in a better way within our institution.


NOTICE: This publication is written by Freemasons. But in this article you will not find sacred words, touches or forms of recognition among the Masons. You can share with complete peace of mind. At the end of this post you will find links to posts related to Freemasonry and much more.


1 Upgrading Is it really that important?

2 Never lose sight of how you started

3 There is no “ideal” Mason or “perfect” Mason

4 Receive the advice of all the brothers

5 Give more than you receive

6 Avoid conflicts in and out of order

7 Avoid Masonic politics if possible

8 Final Considerations about our Tips

9 FREE Masonic Bulletin

9.1 Articles Recommended for you

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In this section you will find articles related to the first three symbolic degrees of Freemasonry; namely, Apprentice, Companion, and Master Mason. Browse all the pages in this section. We have publications for all tastes. Whether you are a Freemason or not, you will surely find an article that works for you.

NOTICE: In the articles in this section you will not find sacred words, touches or forms of recognition among the Masons. You can share with complete peace of mind.’

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‘Here you can find articles related to Masonic rites or Masonic rites in general; from the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite to more complex rites such as the Memphis Mizraim, the American York Rite Freemasonry, also known as the York Rite or York Rite. As well as the Rectified Scottish Regime.’

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In this section we encompass aspects of daily life within Freemasonry and Paramasonic orders.

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El Blog del Mason El sitio líder de Masonería en español

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  • 9 Deportistas Masones Famosos
    by El Blog del Masón on 26th March 2023

    En esta publicación, recopilamos a los deportistas masones más famosos, personajes relevantes en la institución masónica y en sus disciplinas. La entrada 9 Deportistas Masones Famosos se publicó primero en El Blog del Mason.

  • Las siete artes liberales en la masonería
    by El Blog del Masón on 24th March 2023

    En esta publicación, analizamos a las siete artes y ciencias liberales dentro de la masonería. Un estudio del famoso trívium y quadrivium. La entrada Las siete artes liberales en la masonería se publicó primero en El Blog del Mason.

  • Los 5 órdenes de arquitectura en la masonería
    by El Blog del Masón on 22nd March 2023

    Hoy, analizamos uno de los aspectos más interesantes del segundo grado de la masonería, los cinco órdenes de arquitectura. La entrada Los 5 órdenes de arquitectura en la masonería se publicó primero en El Blog del Mason.

  • El Mandil del Maestro Masón
    by El Blog del Masón on 20th March 2023

    En este artículo, analizamos al mandil del Maestro Masón de diferentes ritos masónicos, desde una perspectiva académica y simbólica. La entrada El Mandil del Maestro Masón se publicó primero en El Blog del Mason.

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