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In this month’s issue we look at the news website and blog of El Francmasón – a digital newspaper for Spanish-speaking Freemasons. Choose from news about Freemasonry in Spain and International (the Americas etc.), Op Ed pieces in The Sharp Pen, and Masonic Architecture. There is something for everyone – not just those who are fluent in Spanish, as the website has full translation facilities.


Visit the El Francmasón HERE

‘El Francmasón’  the digital newspaper of Spanish-speaking Freemasons

El Francmasón’ is a newspaper whose objective is to inform about Masonic news in all the countries that speak Spanish.

On the website you can find news, sheets, editorials, stories, notes and, ultimately, a meeting place for all QQ.·.HH.·. from both sides of the Atlantic and the rest of the world.

The birth of a new means of communication is always good news, because it means that a new reality is emerging in public opinion.

With this, the points of view are enriched. In this case, we are facing one of the classics of the press: Masonic publications, so in vogue in the past.

Throughout history there have been dozens of newspapers specialized in disseminating Masonic thought; however, these days, the Spanish-speaking world is practically starved of this type of publication.

The global crisis in the media has only made it difficult for any type of print media to survive and has shaken any serious journalistic initiative.

Day by day there is a succession of news of historical headers that close due to lack of economic viability.

With this somewhat discouraging panorama, why do we dare to put ‘The Freemason’ into orbit? 

We explain ourselves: social networks, in many cases, do nothing more than pour noise and confusion before what should be in the hands of professionals, such as journalism and information sciences. 

Undoubtedly, when it comes to reporting on an activity as deeply rooted in the Hispanic world as Freemasonry, it must be governed by the same journalistic criteria as any other genre. 

So under our double condition of being journalists and freemasons, we take a step forward and bet on being a digital newspaper, with the advantages and disadvantages that this entails. 

Among the advantages, we were born with the vocation of being a channel of communication that forms the backbone of all Hispanic Freemasonry, both in countries where Spanish is the official language.

Spanish is not a language of the future, it is of the present. It unites more than 500 million people from different cultures under a common language. 

In our desire to accommodate everything that falls under the Hispanic sphere, our newspaper will be enriched by the contributions of news written in other co-official languages ​​that exist in any of the 21 countries where Spanish is the official language. 

Languages ​​such as Catalan, Basque, Galician and the indigenous languages ​​of America will be received in this header with Masonic fervor, because they are essential to understand the Hispanic world. 

Their identities and their people have been indispensable in the creation of our reality.

Freemasonry has been a factor of progress and development in Hispanic countries, impregnating society with its desire for philanthropy and for displaying its motto of freedom, equality and brotherhood among all human beings. 

For this reason, with great enthusiasm, we launch this header that will receive with respect and truthfulness both the information of those lodges that are called regular, as well as those that are called liberal. 

We all know that regardless of obedience, we recognize each other as brothers. We would set a bad example for the world if we did the opposite and questioned our most basic values.

We started 2021 with the launch of ‘El Francmasón’, the digital medium of Spanish-speaking Masons. 

Our commitment to rigor, truthfulness and independence unfailingly makes us the architects of words.

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Owned by the Grand Lodge of the aforementioned state, Masonic Island is a real place of just under 300,000 square meters that has served as a site for Masonic meetings since the summer of 1905.

After more than a century in which Freemasons from the north of the United States have come to this magical location to spend the summer and hold their meetings, they have built facilities for their use and enjoyment, provided with all the symbols of the order…READ THE FULL ARTICLE

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