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A valuable request

We have been offering the Square as a free to access publication for over three years, working on it as a non-profit making resource.

The team is small but very passionate and dedicated to offering great quality original content – we do this alongside our incredible contributors who have supported us unconditionally from the start.

As the Editor, I am so proud to work on this magazine – I love the subject matter; just sharing fascinating, inspiring and informative content is my passion. The Square team value our readers highly and that is what has spurred us on over the past 3+ years.

We started the magazine in April 2020, just as the pandemic hit and everything went pear-shaped in all aspects of life.

The plus side was that we had a captive audience, as Freemasonry was halted in person – but the downside was/is the cost-of-living crisis.



in the past
12 months

Our statistics are impressive for an online publication – over a MILLION visitors in the past 12 months, with 900,000 impressions over the last 90 days from Google search results.

We also know we have a substantial number of valued regular monthly readers – over 100,000!

We need around 1,000 supporters to keep the Square Magazine publishing each month, so I am asking the question – do you think this issue of the Square Magazine provides £1.00 of value?

We appreciate that every penny/cent/yen/paisa counts at the moment, but we think an issue of the Square is definitely worth one-third of the price of a regular cup of coffee from various *ahem* well-known coffee shops.

If you do too, we are requesting a voluntary contribution of £1.00 per issue / £12 annual subscription to help cover our running costs.

[Publisher Update – 28 August 2023:  Donation option closed]

Think of your subscription as an investment in the growth and longevity of the publication you’ve come to appreciate.

A huge plus is that it will enable us to remain ad-free, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted experience for all our readers. If we get enough subscribers, we will be offering more Premium Content in the coming months.

If you don’t think the Square Magazine provides any value at all, that is fine too, but please would you offer some feedback as to what we could do to make it worth a £1.00 per issue to you?

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We thank you so much for your valued readership and hope that we can continue to offer you Masonic history, mystery, wisdom, guidance and knowledge for many years to come.

This month we have a literal smorgasbord of the aforementioned Masonic knowledge


This Month’s Editor Picks:

Why is ritual important – part 1 What is ritual and why is it important? As Freemasons we take part and engage in ritual at every meeting.

Some understand the rituals inside out, some just take part, but why is ritual important and how does it affect us?

Delve into the profound world of Freemasonry rituals and their significance.

This insightful piece unravels the underlying importance of rituals, their impact on participants, and the transformative power they hold. Uncover why these centuries-old traditions remain integral to Masonic practice today.

The Fourth Degree – The Royal Arch stands as the rainbow of promise in the Ritual; it stands as the promise of the resurrection; of that which was lost and that it shall be recovered.

The question arises as to whether the Master’s Word was originally communicated in the Third Degree?

On this point there is some diversity of opinion. Originally published in 1915, this insight into the Fourth Degree – the Holy Royal Arch – is as relevant today as it was over 100 years ago.

Knights Templar in Freemasonry – Uncover the Mysteries of the Knights Templar in Freemasonry!

Who were the Knights Templar and what role did they actually play in Freemasonry, if any?

Immerse yourself into the intriguing world where chivalry and symbolism intertwine. Discover the captivating rituals and ancient secrets behind the Knights Templar Masonic Orders.

Explore the historical connection and the enigmatic narratives that continue to fascinate enthusiasts today.

The Burning of Robbie Burns – A controversial subject but one that needs addressing.

Robert Burns has not only been tarred with the presentism brush of being associated with slavery, but more scaldingly accused of being a rapist – a ‘Weinstein sex pest’ of his age.

Carlos Oliveira Santos examines the case against the Scottish Bard.

Masonic Charities Part 2: The Shriners – Discover the Shriners’ legacy within Freemasonry; delve into their profound commitment to philanthropy and see how Masonic Charities demonstrate brotherly love, relief, and truth.

Become inspired by the bonds that unite Shriners around the globe and their impactful work in local communities.

Are we really Freemasons? Gabriel Anghelescu asks a powerful question and gives an equally powerful answer! Maybe Freemasonry has opened its doors too wide.

Perhaps some have not understood that the survival of Freemasonry in order to achieve its sublime purpose lies not in the number of members it has, but in their quality.

Maybe we need less members and more Freemasons. Less men in Freemasonry and more Freemasonry in men.

Revolutionizing Freemason Mentorship with AI – another fascinating dive into how AI can assist us with revolutionising Freemasonry.

Nicholas Broadway explores the intricate relationship between Freemasonry and mentorship in this captivating article.

Unearth the rich history of this secretive fraternity, the symbol-laden rituals, and the transformative power of mentorship within the brotherhood.

Delve into challenges faced and the potential impact of AI on Freemasonry mentorship.

Venturing into the Virtual Lodge: A Revolutionary Approach to Freemasonry. Unlock the celestial secrets of Freemasonry!

Discover how Masonic rituals transcend physical boundaries, reaching for the stars in a VR space.

Join us on a cosmic journey, where ancient traditions meet cutting-edge technology under the watchful eye of the comet above. The future of Freemasonry is here!

As always, we also have the usual features of podcasts, blogs, old books, new books, reviews of books, and a whole host of Masonic knowledge to keep you busy with your ‘daily advancement’.

We hope you enjoy this month’s issue. If you do – or if you don’t – drop me a line at

Until next time, stay safe and well.

Philippa Lee


Article by: Philippa Lee. Editor

Philippa Lee (writes as Philippa Faulks) is the author of eight books, an editor and researcher.

Philippa was initiated into the Honourable Fraternity of Ancient Freemasons (HFAF) in 2014.

Her specialism is ancient Egypt, Freemasonry, comparative religions and social history. She has several books in progress on the subject of ancient and modern Egypt.  Selection of Books Online at Amazon

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