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In a world brimming with sensational headlines, from UK general elections and USA presidential races to Middle Eastern conflicts and the looming threat of World War III, it is intriguing to witness journalists, finding the time to critique English Freemasonry for being a male-only organization. Is this truly a matter of public interest, or simply a misdirected focus?

Freemasonry in England and Wales is a diverse fraternity, comprising at least six Grand Lodges. The United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) stands as the largest and is exclusively male. However, it is important to acknowledge the two female-only Grand Lodges: the Order of Women Freemasons (OWF) and the Honourable Fraternity of Ancient Freemasons (HFAF). Additionally, there are at least three mixed or co-Freemasonry Grand Lodges, which include:

– The International Order of Freemasonry for Men and Women, Le Droit Humain – British Federation
Universal Co-Masonry for Men and Women
– The Grand Lodge of Modern Mixed Masons (GLMMM)

Each Grand Lodge operates under its own membership policies, much like sports clubs that cater to different genders or offer mixed membership. It is perplexing why individuals who are not part of these organizations feel the need to criticize their membership arrangements.

As Freemasons, we are taught to preserve our good character through the teachings of the third degree working tools, particularly the compasses, which remind us to limit the expression of our opinions to matters we are knowledgeable about. Expressing uninformed opinions can undoubtedly tarnish one’s character.

In navigating criticisms, I often turn to two inspirational quotes. The first, masonic in nature, advises:


“What you see praiseworthy in others, carefully imitate; but what in them appears defective, in yourself amend.”


The second, which guides me in facing hostility, aggression, or dishonesty, states:


“Their behavior is a reflection of their personality, not mine.”

The Square Magazine, independent from all Grand Lodges and publishing articles globally, recognizes that the essence of Freemasonry lies not in the specific Grand Lodge one belongs to, but in the character and actions a Freemason demonstrates within society.

UGLE, in collaboration with the OWF and HFAF, has established a Council for Freemasonry in England and Wales to address areas of mutual cooperation.

This council exemplifies that, despite differences in membership policies, the underlying principles of Freemasonry remain steadfast—fostering good character, moral integrity, and societal contribution.

As the world continues to grapple with paramount global issues, let us remember that the true measure of a Freemason is not merely which Grand Lodge they belong to, but how they embody the values of Freemasonry in their daily lives.

This month we introduce seven new contributors to the Square Magazine;

Martin Ignacio Díaz Velásquez
Harry E. Hackman, Jr.
C. F. William Maurer,
Fernando Rodrigues de Souza,
Dr. Joseph F. Khalil-Marzouk,
Darren Allatt,
Renan Moore.


This Month’s Editor Picks:

Building a 21st Century Freemasonry Legacy:

Fostering Open Science and a Culture of Peace

Freemasonry, rooted in the Middle Ages, values knowledge, equality, and fraternity. This article examines its historical influence on science and peace and its potential to continue this role. Understanding Freemasonry’s relationship with science and peace is crucial for contributing to a fair, peaceful, and multipolar contemporary world.

The Universal Rite
Explore the evolution of Masonic rites with the Universal Rite, a modern adaptation of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. Discover how it integrates contemporary principles, promotes intercultural dialogue, and ensures the timeless values of Freemasonry remain relevant in today’s world.

Masonic Miscellanies

The Amulet of the Ladder

Explore the cosmic significance of the Ladder in ancient Egyptian mythology through Wallis Budge’s “Egyptian Magic.” Discover how this profound symbol bridges the mortal and divine, encapsulating the Egyptians’ fervent afterlife aspirations with a blend of myth, magic, and material culture. Dive into the celestial ascent of Osiris and mortal souls.

The Great Algorithm of the Universe

Explore the algorithmic essence of the Universe, from complex to simple and back again. Dive into the stochasticity of nature, the organic and inorganic omniverse, and the unexpected excellence of algorithmic data. Discover how repetitive processes yield extraordinary exceptions, much like the historic publication of the freemason’s constitutions.

Stoicism, Freemasonry, and the Modern Man

Discover how the ancient wisdom of Stoicism can enrich Freemasonry and modern life. Dr. Chacón-Lozsán Francisco M.˙.M.˙. explores Stoic principles like virtue, resilience, and inner peace, offering practical insights for today’s challenges. Learn how these timeless teachings can foster personal growth, ethical conduct, and emotional stability.

The History of the Theology, and Philosophy, of Freemasonry

Explore the rich history of Freemasonry’s theology and philosophy from its roots in ancient Indo-Aryan beliefs to modern Christianity. Discover how Zoroaster’s teachings and Greek philosophy shaped the intellectual foundations of Freemasonry. This comprehensive paper by Harry E. Hackman Jr. offers profound insights into mankind’s spiritual evolution.

An Esoteric Interpretation of the Holy Royal Arch

Delving into the profound mysteries of the Holy Royal Arch, Matt DA Fletcher offers an esoteric interpretation that challenges the conventional understanding of Freemasonry. While Craft Masonry is clear in its teachings, the Royal Arch remains an enigma for many. Fletcher’s exploration uncovers the symbolic and philosophical depths of this degree, revealing its significance in the Mason’s journey towards reintegration with the Creator.

Exchanged the Sceptre for the Trowel

Explore the intriguing history of Royals and Freemasonry following the new Monarch’s Coronation. From Prince Albert’s initiation to the influence of George II and beyond, discover why royalty has long exchanged the sceptre for the trowel, shaping society and maintaining power through this ancient craft.


Unveiling the Mysteries: Explore the Enigmatic World of Rosicrucianism! Dive into the fascinating origins and teachings of the Rosicrucian tradition, shaped by the mythical figure Christian Rosenkreuz. Discover the secrets of alchemy, spiritual transformation, and esoteric knowledge. Unlock the hidden wisdom that has captivated seekers for centuries. Unleash your inner mystic today!

The Metaphysical Tapestry

The Metaphysical Tapestry: The Great Architect, Demiurge, and the Conception of Divine in different Worldviews.

Explore the multifaceted concept of the Divine across various cultural and religious perspectives. Delve into the intriguing deliberations on the Great Architect, Demiurge, and their roles in shaping our understanding of the cosmos, blending philosophical, theological, and metaphysical insights into a rich tapestry of human spirituality.

The Marquis de La Fayette

Celebrate the extraordinary legacy of The Marquis de La Fayette with C.F. William Maurer’s insightful exploration of Lafayette’s 1824-25 tour of America. Discover how this revered leader and Freemason was honored by a young nation eager to showcase its growth and pay tribute to a hero of the American Revolution.

Boaz and Booz Under Scrutiny

Explore the proper use of the sacred word in Brazilian Freemasonry through an analysis of Masonic literature and Bible translations. Uncover the errors in pronunciation and the need for corrections to maintain liturgical coherence in rituals. Discover insights on Masonry, rituals, and the Hebrew word Boaz.

The Significance of No. 33

Discover the mystical significance of the number 33. From its mathematical marvels and artistic influence in numerology to its esteemed place in Freemasonry, delve into the history and power of this master number. Explore why 33 holds such profound meaning in various spiritual and philosophical traditions.

Legends and Symbols in Masonic Instruction

The Significance of Legends and Symbols in Masonic Instruction

Explore the significance of Masonic legends and symbols in this insightful post. Discover how Freemasonry imparts wisdom through allegorical narratives and emblematic imagery, revealing profound moral and philosophical lessons. Unveil the deep connections between Masonic teachings and the broader quest for understanding life’s fundamental questions.

Masonry in the Age of Leisure – P2

Explore the optimistic future of Masonry in “Masonry in the Age of Leisure” by VVenBro Scott Wisdahl. Delve into the possibilities of a leisure-driven society where technology enhances social bonds, decentralizes the Craft, and reshapes Masonic traditions. Discover how Masonry can thrive in an interconnected, tech-savvy world.

Keeping Passions and Prejudices within Due Bounds

Master your emotions and find balance in a chaotic world with Darren Allatt’s “Keeping Passions and Prejudices within Due Bounds.” Discover practical strategies for self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and building meaningful relationships. Transform your life with calmness, clarity, and purpose. Start your journey towards emotional mastery today.

Protestantism and Masonic Influence in Brazil

Discover the untold story of how Freemasons helped Southern Americans immigrate to Brazil post-Civil War, fostering economic and educational growth in Santa Bárbara d’Oeste and Americana. Learn about their pivotal role in establishing Protestant churches and ensuring the secularity of the Brazilian State amidst a Catholic-dominated society.

A Rose by any other Name may not be the same

A critical examination of degree conferral and transmission

Explore the profound distinctions between conferred and transmitted Masonic degrees with Bro. Scott Wisdahl. Delve into how presentation quality, personal impact, and setting shape these rituals, and consider the potential for digital adaptations in modern Masonic practices. Join the discussion on enhancing the Masonic journey and preserving its essence.

As always, we also have the usual features of podcasts, blogs, old books, new books, reviews of books, and a whole host of Masonic knowledge to keep you busy with your ‘daily advancement’.

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