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Masonic News

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Sunglasses Ritual Amendment

Are the sunglasses a fix? If Freemasonry cannot meet, is this an opportunity to make a change to how we do things?

The Old Charges

This article first appeared in The Builder magazine,1923. Are you interested in the 'musty old documents of the past'?

Masonic Rings

Renegade Scottish Freemason

Who was John Crombie and why was he a 'renegade'?

Masonic Blogs

Masonic Ideal - A blog site from France - We must save Freemasonry !

Sheriff’s Men

Two Brothers receive honours from the High Sheriff of Greater Manchester

Masonic Pens

The Anti-Social Impact of Social Media

Robert Jackson's searingly honest account of his experience of the 'dark side' of social media and its negative effect on our mental health.

Sanctifying with Grace

Feelings, instincts, can be our best defence against mistake or attack.

Masonic Ties

Share One Tip

Share one easy tip to learn masonic ritual; some good tips from Facebook followers

Origins to English Freemasonry – P3

The Origins and Links of English Freemasonry - Part 3. Quasi-Masonic societies - are the highly secretive Skull and Bones the real Illuminati?

Bricks Masons

The Two Pillars

Biblical history surrounding the two pillars that stood at the entrance to King Solomon's Temple

Sankey Lectures 2010

Perceptions of Freemasonry from the 18th Century to the Internet

Masonic Regalia

Membership Marketing

How to improve your Lodge Membership Marketing Program.

Masonic KT Full Regalia

Ashlar Chippings

Hugh O’Neill's regular chippings whilst smoothing the ashlar: - 1) Equality, 2) The Faithful Few, 3) What’s the Attraction? and 4) Slap on the wrist for a Past Grand Master

Masonic Cases

Masonic Podcasts

Our pick of the best Masonic Podcasts

Lambskin Apron

Entered Apprentice Lambskin Apron; More ancient than the Golden Fleece or Roman Eagle, more honourable than the Star and Garter ...

Masonic Watches

Logical Fallacies

What are logical Fallacies and how to spot them ?

The Mason: A Gentleman

This opening article was written 145 years ago, yet it resonates with Freemasons today as it did then. First published in The Freemason's Chronicle, January 2, 1875, Issue 1

book intro

Introduction to Illustrations Of Masonry by William Preston (1742-1818)

Lewis Masonic Books

Our monthly look at books from Lewis Masonic

Quatuor Coronati

An introduction to the Premier Lodge of Masonic Research - Quatuor Coronati

Meet the Author

Paul Sparks – author of A Guide for the Masonic Treasurer

Freemasonry and Fascist Regime

Interesting speech by the famous historian Prof. Aldo A. Mola, who links the fascist regime with the Masonic Associations.

SQ Masonic Book Store

Selected Masonic Books available at Amazon

Millennial Masons

What is a 'Millennial' and what do they want from Freemasonry? You'll be surprised at the answers.


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