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WBro Ezra McGowan PPrGSUPTWKS and Bro Wayne Devlin receive honours from the High Sheriff of Greater Manchester

Ezra McGowan

Ezra McGowan from Hand & Heart Lodge 4109 in the Province of West Lancashire was nominated for his tremendous community work during the current Covid-19 pandemic and the High Sheriff of Greater Manchester, Dr Eamonn O’Neal DL saw fit to award him with a certificate of special recognition for his outstanding activity and contribution to the community.

The award also recognises the appreciation of the people of Greater Manchester for the altruistic acts of thoughtfulness and kindness during the C-19 pandemic.

Ezra received his certificate in recognition of the Award and when the lockdown restrictions are lifted, he will be invited to a High Sheriff event, at which his good deeds will be celebrated appropriately.

Wayne Devlin

Wayne Devlin, with whom you might not be quite as familiar with as Ezra, has also been out and about delivering basic requirements to locals in Trafford despite contracting and recovering from COVID-19.

Wayne, although only recently having become a Mason, has been a familiar figure in and around Trafford for a number of years as a local entertainer regaling us with renditions from the ‘Rat Pack’ amongst others, switching on the Christmas lights in Urmston town centre and working tirelessly for the community and the disadvantaged in general.


 Text and photos from: West Lancs Freemasons 

The High Sheriff Special Recognition Award is made to individuals or groups of individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the community during the difficult circumstances brought about by the C-19 pandemic and Ezra has gone above and beyond to make sure that those who need assistance at this unfortunate period of our history get help as swiftly as possible.

Ezra runs the charity The Forget Me Not Trust. The Trust provides a lifeline in supplying food and various other essentials for the homeless across the North West and often beyond. However, during C-19 Ezra has also turned his attentions to those affected by this nasty pandemic.

 Delivering tons in weight of food to food banks across Greater Manchester, Ezra has helped feed countless families. He has also delivered essentials to those suffering from the virus who are in isolation and unable to shop for themselves. Frontline NHS staff have also benefited from Ezra’s huge heart as he has delivered tea, coffee, biscuits etc to help see staff through their shifts at hospitals and care homes.

What makes Ezra’s efforts even more admirable is that he himself contracted the coronavirus and was quite ill for a while, but as soon as he recovered he was straight back out delivering again making sure those less fortunate had their essentials delivered.

Ezra has shown all the attributes that a Freemason aspires to have and he is a fantastic example to all new and young Masons in the art of putting into practice the principles that Freemasonry is built upon.

 Congratulations to WBro Ezra McGowan and we look forward to hearing all about the High Sheriff Awards event after lockdown.

Visit to see what Ezra’s charity is achieving across the UK.

They help the homeless and the helpless by giving them warm food, drink and clothing.  They URGENTLY need any donations of clothes and bedding to help these unfortunate people survive the winter.

Article by: Wayne Devlin

Wayne Devlin is an actor and singer from Trafford in Manchester with Irish roots. Wayne studied method acting in Manchester, London and then New York. 

In 2018 Wayne was invited to Buckingham Palace to the Queen’s Garden Party, which he attended with his wife. In 2019 he received a volunteer award for services to his community and in 2020 he received the High Sheriff of Greater Manchester Special Recognition Award for outstanding activity and contribution to the community.


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