High Meridian

The eagerly anticipated sequel to the best-selling esoteric Masonic book of 2021 – “Whence Come You”.

This book takes the reader to that next stage in a seeker’s journey, and using Masonic imagery and symbolism as a necessary backdrop against which a deeper spiritual understanding can be found, Ben Zion guides one through a spiritual labyrinth of some of the more hidden mysteries of Nature and Science.

This work offers an invaluable resource for those seeking an in-depth and explorative esoteric enquiry into concepts such as Reality, Mind, Soul, Duality/Non-Duality, the Fall of Man, Communication, Life, Light, Sound, the Meridian, Time, Verticals, Horizontals, Squares, Knowledge… and much more!


Ben Zion also takes us around the world, quarrying for spiritual wealth that has long been unexcavated yet unmistakably embedded within much classical literature;

firstly he takes us to Scandinavia (Odin, Mimir, Gungnir and Yggdrasil), then to India (Ganesha in the transcription of the Mahabharata), and

from there travels to ancient Greece (Pandora, Medusa, Zeus, Echo, Narcissus, Prometheus, Epimetheus, Athena, Mentor etc.), and

finally settles in the Middle East exploring the hidden meanings of Judeo-Christian parables (Cain, Abel, Isaac, Rebekah, Jacob, Esau, Adam, Eve, Tower of Babel etc.)…

This book is not only a must for any seeker’s library, but a guide for greater Self-discovery!

High Meridian (The ‘Light’ Series Book 2)

by Ben Zion


This book is the second instalment in a series of works written for the purpose of assisting in the progress of the earnest seeker.

Although this publication may appear predominantly Masonic in nature, and admittedly to a large degree it is, its intended readership is much wider than that of an exclusive band of fellows, as it was written with all seekers in mind, whether or not they stand within the door of the fraternity.

In order to be a Mason, in the truest sense, one must first be properly prepared to embark upon the journey of Self-discovery. Being a seeker, therefore, must be a pre-requisite.

It is only once the Candidate has been initiated that he, as a Mason, is to then work upon his stone, chipping away at the rough to reveal the underlying smooth.

Therefore, in relation to both the seeker and the Freemason, it is only the latter that is dependent upon the pre-existence of the former.

Whereas in the case of the seeker, he has no dependent, and is of course free to take his search in the direction of his choosing – he need not elect Freemasonry as his designated path.

Therefore, whether or not he be a Freemason, it is to the seeker that this book is dedicated, and just as a Lodge charges its Tyler with the duty of keeping out all cowans and intruders, this volume is meant only for the eyes of those with a like-minded thirst for Self-discovery.

A reader with any other mindset will likely not get the most from this work.

I do however need to caution the reader who has not been admitted into Freemasonry, but intends to join the fraternity at some future time – while none of the superficial secrets are revealed herein, there may be some giveaways as to the intricacies concerning the Masonic ritual, which thereby presents a risk of compromising the authenticity of any initiation ceremony yet to be experienced.

Just as a child enters adulthood in the natural course of its life, so too does a worthy Candidate have their eyes opened to the mysteries and privileges when the time of their Initiation finally arrives. Such things must never be rushed.

If that child were to become exposed to the ways of adulthood prematurely, the innocence of its unadulterated mind would be lost forever, for the eating of the fruit will inevitably cause the wonder about its taste to be immediately banished from the Garden.

The choice to continue, therefore, is purely down to the seeker.

By way of recap, Whence Come You© led the reader through a personal journey of Self-discovery, recounting the path laid out for the Entered Apprentice by virtue of the Ceremony of Initiation and the guiding assistance of his Brother Deacon.

In addition, it explored various aspects of the First Degree in Masonry, namely the personal relationship between the Candidate and his Ceremony of Initiation, the Rough and Smooth Ashlars, the threefold nature of being, external/internal perspective shifts, the realignment of Man’s internally misaligned constitution, and true moral conscience.

Furthermore, the order in which such concepts were presented throughout that book corresponded, for the most part, with a timeline of my own personal discoveries.

High Meridian, on the other hand, is less linear and thus more winding, reminding us that the continuation along the path of Self-discovery is not only erratic, but testing, and often circular!

As this volume takes the reader to depths that its forerunner deliberately left uncharted, the receptivity and resonance of this work is perhaps limited to that of the more adept and advanced of seekers.

While this book is to be aligned with that of the Second Degree in so far as it is attributed a spiritual level of understanding, save for a brief overview given within the ‘Introduction’, it deliberately circumnavigates any in-depth analysis of the corresponding ceremony ritual, for reason that its focus is directed predominantly towards that stage in a Fellowcraft’s journey between his Passing and his Raising.

Accordingly, it is formed of an amalgam of contemplative expositions while meditating on various topics, the natures of which are designed to stir dormant truths lying in wait within the reader’s psyche, and even unearth further revelation thus far foreign to the lower mind, yet native to its higher counterpart.

To this end, I shall relate various passages of our Masonic ritual to certain observable phenomena – whether concerning reality, psyche, science or the natural world.

Assisting in this study are several references to the Judeo-Christian Bible, Greco-Roman mythology, Norse folklore, and Eastern scriptures, within all of which has been encoded an esoteric message meant only for the eyes of the true initiate.

While throughout this book, the tone of expression might appear at times to be confirmatory or even absolute, it is important to stress that any such affirmation is for the purposes of emphasis only and in no way an inference of any objectivity – for no interpretation is any more correct or worthy than any other.

In light of this, as one comes to read through, it is imperative to keep the mind open and free to play gracefully with new perspectives – new ways of looking at what might have previously been assumed or taken for granted.

In so doing, the central brilliance of meridian sunlight can break through dark clouds of ignorance, pride, bias, judgment, and pre-conditioning that have long since cast their shadows upon our psychological terrains.

Yet the risk, as we will come to see, is that if your seeking is purely predicated on intellectual curiosity, then the meridian in its fleeting beauty will be too much for your eyes to bear, causing you to fall in love with such momentary revelation and to forever hold on to its memory.

In such a case, any old biases and judgments that may be dissolved by the arrival of newfound insight, will inevitably be replaced by new ones as you sit in wait in a state of lesser light, pining for the return of your meridian.

By reading on, therefore, your resolve will be put to the test, as you will be tempted to place your discovered truths and momentary flashes of inspiration on the illusory pedestal of certitude.

In order to temper the mind from leading you down an avenue of misadventure, it is important that you stay centred and focused on the enquiry ‘whence come you’, remembering at all times that you were taught to be cautious before rashly giving yourself over completely to a word, sign, grip or token.

You must critically analyse such revelation, dissect it, try, and prove it within, and only then once it has passed the test of fortitude can it be worthy of journeying on with you.

And so, prepare yourself to embark upon this magical and mystical journey through the more hidden mysteries of Nature and Science, in the hope that this endeavour will lead you from the world without, to the world within, and beyond.

Extracted from High Meridian with kind permission of the author Ben Zion (all rights reserved ©2022)

Next month we will include a review of the book…

Sapere Aude talks by Ben:  High Meridian

Sapere Aude talks by Ben: Whence Come You

High Meridian (The ‘Light’ Series) 

By: Ben Zion

The eagerly anticipated sequel to the best-selling esoteric Masonic book of 2021 – Whence Come You.

This book takes the reader to that next stage in a seeker’s journey, and using Masonic imagery and symbolism as a necessary backdrop against which a deeper spiritual understanding can be found, Ben Zion guides one through a spiritual labyrinth of some of the more hidden mysteries of Nature and Science.

This work offers an invaluable resource for those seeking an in-depth and explorative esoteric enquiry into concepts such as Reality, Mind, Soul, Duality/Non-Duality, the Fall of Man, Communication, Life, Light, Sound, the Meridian, Time, Verticals, Horizontals, Squares, Knowledge… and much more!

Ben Zion also takes us around the world, quarrying for spiritual wealth that has long been unexcavated yet unmistakably embedded within much classical literature;

firstly he takes us to Scandinavia (Odin, Mimir, Gungnir and Yggdrasil), then to India(Ganesha in the transcription of the Mahabharata),

and from there travels to ancient Greece (Pandora, Medusa, Zeus, Echo, Narcissus, Prometheus, Epimetheus, Athena, Mentor etc.),

and finally settles in the Middle East exploring the hidden meanings of Judeo-Christian parables (Cain, Abel, Isaac, Rebekah, Jacob, Esau, Adam, Eve, Tower of Babel etc.)… 

This book is not only a must for any seeker’s library, but a guide for greater Self-discovery!


Whence Come You (The ‘Light’ Series)

By: Ben Zion

Esotericism and spirituality are two words seldom referred to about Freemasonry, and it is even more rare to find a book dedicated to this purpose.

This is such a book.

Ben Zion takes the reader on a personal journey of self-discovery, describing with the help of Masonic imagery and symbolism how any Mason, if earnest in his intentions and pure of heart, can become awakened by contemplation and true speculation upon the ritual, with a particular emphasis on shifting one’s conscious perspective.

In addition, throughout this book he interweaves the fundamental principles of the Eastern school of Hindu Philosophy (Advaita Vedanta) with Judeo/Christian mysticism, finding synergy between the two worlds and showing us all along that there is embedded within all religions but one Truth, one origin, and one destination.

Upon finishing this book, the reader will be instilled with a wealth of new understanding, not only about the mysteries underpinning the Craft ritual, but about himself as a man, a Mason, and a once lost soul seeking return to his Native Land.

This book is a must read for all Masons worldwide, and highly recommended for anyone wanting to embark upon a journey of self-discovery.


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