Book Review – Three Distinct Knocks

“Why don’t these new guys come back?”

Three Distinct Knocks – Back cover copy

Three Distinct Knocks
The Masonic Renewal: Its Basis and Necessity

by John Meek

At only 55 pages long, this relatively small book packs a big punch. As the title implies, the author John Meek is taking us on a whistle-stop tour through the basis and necessity of Freemasonry but also highlights how this can be applied to help gain and retain membership.

At first glance it seems too quick a tour, a bit lightweight – each chapter is between 2-8 pages – but as you focus, you realise Meek has a gift for concise but powerful detail.

He simplifies concepts in one sentence that can take some authors an entire chapter; not that there is anything wrong with lengthy description and interpretation but this book is like one of those deep conversations over several drinks at the end of an evening.

It gives you the choice wheat from the chaff, fills you with intrigue, and leaves you wanting more.

It springs to mind the saying, ‘Ask, and it will be given you. Seek, and you will find.

Knock, and it will be opened for you.’

Meek makes an astute point that ‘there is a place for many types of men in Masonry’.

And that ‘one of the aims of the book is just that – to show the multifaceted nature of Freemasonry.

The other is to contemplate how to get good men and how to keep them’.

Three Distinct Knocks covers each section of the multifaceted Craft, from the Tenets, Esotericism, Traditions, Ritual, Mentoring, Education and ‘Different Strokes for Different Folks’.

You can see a run-down of contents here:

The book is aimed not only at younger members new to the Craft, or those awaiting initiation, but also serves as a reminder to those who have been around the block a bit as to what and why they are there for.

It is about finding balance, equilibrium and most importantly Brotherly Love, and knowing how to use it.

An easy yet deeply thought-provoking read for both existing Freemasons and those who are considering joining the Fraternity.

About the Author



RW Bro John Meek is a Past Master of DC Cregier Lodge # 81 in Wheeling, IL and an honorary member of Jonesboro Lodge # 111 in Jonesboro, IL under the Grand Lodge of AF&AM of the State of Illinois.

He is an honorary member of Lodge “Makedonska Zora” 024 under the United Grand Lodge of Bulgaria.

As of the writing of this book, he is the current Grand Representative to both the Grand Lodge of Russia and the United Grand Lodge of Bulgaria for the Grand Lodge of Illinois.

He also holds a Lodge Builder Award.

He also wrote The Best Little Lodge Hall in Texas with the assistance of H Bro J Thomas Terry, and he co-authored The Italian Symbolic Rite with Bro Emiliano Bartolozzi.

John has also given masonic talks in Lodges in Illinois, Bulgaria, and Italy.

Article by: Philippa Lee

Philippa Lee (writes as Philippa Faulks) is the author of eight books, an editor and researcher.

Philippa was initiated into the Honourable Fraternity of Ancient Freemasons (HFAF) in 2014.

Her specialism is ancient Egypt, Freemasonry, comparative religions and social history. She has several books in progress on the subject of ancient and modern Egypt.  Selection of Books Online at Amazon

Three Distinct Knocks

By: John Meek

“Why don’t these new guys come back?”

This is the question I often hear; and it is this same question that pushed me to write this book.

However, there is a second question that has developed alongside it: When so many Lodges are losing members, how is another significant number of Lodges not only are retaining their active membership, but are flourishing?

These questions address both universal and local Masonry, and they are intimately intertwined.

This book therefore addresses these questions in a holistic way.


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