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Masonic Jamaica and the Cayman Islands

By: Jackie Ranston

When Captain William Douglas landed at Port Royal in 1738 he had a roving warrant to promote Freemasonry wherever he went.

Within a year the Mother Lodge of Kingston was formed, and three years later the first Provincial Grand Master of Jamaica was appointed.

Volume One of this two part series is a character-driven narrative of the Freemasons who made up the membership of the Jamaican Lodges under the English Constitution from 1739 to 1880.

They came from varied backgrounds – merchants, mariners, planters, actors, clerics, printers and storekeepers to name but a few, and over time reflected the changing social landscape in Jamaica.

By 1843 the Freemasons’ Quarterly Magazine could write that one Kingston lodge with a membership  ‘being over 90’ comprised ‘Christians, Jews and persons of colour; and it is delightful to witness the general harmony that exists.’


Chivalry : Origins and History of Orders of Knighthood

By: Kevin Gest

The Origins and History of the Orders of Knighthood.

This book introduces the beginnings of the orders of knighthood in the early years of warriors on horses and the origins of chivalry, then investigates in turn the main Western orders of knighthood which have a connection in this country –

the Knights of St John (also known as the Hospitalers or Knights of Malta),

the Knights Templar (the Poor Soldiers of Christ),

the Golden Fleece, the Roman Eagle, and the Most Noble Order of the Garter

– as well as summarising the other significant orders of chivalry.

• A complete history of the Orders of Knighthood from medieval armoured warriors to modern chivalry.
• Beautifully illustrated with colour pictures.
• Describes the varying methods of conferring knighthood throughout history.
• Contains information on the symbolism of knights in their regalia and architecture.
• Biographies of the greatest knights of old and figures who had great influence on chivalry.
• Explores all major and lesser known orders of chivalry and their practices and traditions.


Things to Do When You Have Nothing to Do

By: David West

Never Be Without a Candidate Again!
Based on the experiences of a normal, private, provincial lodge which now initiates four candidates a year – and still has a waiting list – this book will enable you to:
• Bring in candidates
• Create a happy, exciting lodge environment
• Dramatically increases lodge attendance
• Involve everyone
• Make your lodge the talk of your Province, State or District
• Let go of old, ineffective strategies; adopt a revolutionary new approach to membership, recruitment and retention; promote your lodge online; find those candidates who are already looking for you.


Ritual in Mind: A Memory System for Learning Masonic Ritual Tool

By: Graham Chisnell

Ritual in Mind offers a visual memory system for learning Masonic ritual and is an ideal alternative to Masonic Mnemonics.

It is intended both to nurture younger Masonic brethren into learning the ritual and to give a helping hand to the rest of us. The author has applied his research into memory retention in learning Masonic ritual and explores the theory behind visual memory retention techniques and applies this to the working tools of the first three degrees in the Craft.

In addition, Ritual in Mind is an essential text to support the mentoring process for Provincial Mentoring schemes.

A text like this is an ideal gift from the Province, lodge or proposer to their initiate, encouraging them to take an active role in lodge ceremonies and to prevent the natural wastage of brethren who become disenchanted with Freemasonry as they feel they cannot become fully engaged in the workings of their respective lodges.


The Square Magazine

Choose from our range of back issues to complete your collection.

The independent Masonic magazine brought to you by the world’s oldest Masonic publisher.

The Square magazine brings you in-depth and thought provoking articles on all aspects of Freemasonry written by the leading Masonic writers in the world.

Masons and non-Masons alike will find something of interest in the wide variety of articles and special features, which cover the whole spectrum of Freemasonry, including historical, social, charitable, esoteric, other Orders, collecting, ephemera, philately, book reviews, poetry, news and events, and on a lighter note Masonic humour.



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