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In order for a pencil to be of use it must go through regular sharpening. Now, if a pencil had feelings it would no doubt feel some discomfort each time it was resharpened but it would have to go through that sharpening nonetheless in order for it to be of service and good use.

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We, as Freemasons, must also go through regular ‘sharpening’ in order for us to be of service to our families and our communities.

Sometimes it can be uncomfortable to go through such ‘sharpening’ but we must endeavour to go through these experiences so that we too can grow and develop into a better version of ourselves.

There are so many things as Freemasons that we can learn in order to develop. Reading ‘The Square’ each month for example will give you all kinds of interesting facts and Masonic knowledge that you can then share with your Lodge and fellow Masons.

There is so much ritual to put to memory, the working tools to study and the tracing boards to interpret.

These are no easy tasks and take some considerable time, study and contemplation. Yet, just like the sharpened pencil, the effort is well worth it to grow in Masonic knowledge and in turn grow as human beings in order to be of better service to the world around us.

Each member is an example to the outside world of what Freemasonry is all about. Our actions and service to community speak louder than words ever could.

As we grow and become more knowledgeable of our ‘craft’ we need to pass on that knowledge to other members so that as we grow as individuals we also grow as a unit. In order to do this we need to keep being ‘sharpened’.

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Times have changed and what was once classed as a secret society is now simply a society with a few secrets.

The outside world sees us very differently than they have done in the past and by showing the world our good deeds and leading by example we take the emphasis away from nonsensical conspiracy theories and turn it towards the reality that Freemasons are good, decent individuals who strive to be of service to the world.

Once we begin to ‘sharpen’ our knowledge of Freemasonry we then need to make sure we pass on that knowledge and also keep our numbers growing. 

Freemasons are more public now than ever before with television shows and books giving an inside look into our Lodges and lives. But we can still do more.

We can invite non-members to attend our events, we can let people know what life is like as a Freemason and we can educate and then invite people to join us on the square.

A simple equation tells us that if we double our numbers we can double the amount of good we can do.

We all wear Masonic rings and badges in Lodge but how many of us wear them outside of the Lodge?

By simply wearing the square and compass on our cap, t-shirt, badge or ring we are not only promoting the craft but also, and more importantly, we are inviting people to ask us questions that can lead to membership enquiries.

‘What does that symbol mean? What does it represent? What is it like being a Mason? Where can I learn more? How do I become a Mason?’

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All this starts with you. You as a Freemason have the power to educate yourself and others in Masonic knowledge.

You have the power to let non-Masons know what Freemasonry stands for. You have the power to invite inquisitive minds to come and learn more, take a step inside and see what we’re all about.

You have the power to be proactive in your Lodge and in your community. By ‘sharpening’ your philosophical pencil and educating yourself you are becoming a better version of yourself and a shining example of Freemasonry to the world around you.

Let’s not just attend Lodge each month then go home, let us instead ‘sharpen’ our own pencils and help to ‘sharpen’ those pencils around us and in so doing give Freemasonry out to the world where it is intended to be given.

We are only human and can only try our best but try we must. Things will sometimes work out well and other times our words will fall on deaf ears, but always remember that we are not perfect and we don’t always get it right but that’s why pencils come with erasers! We can always try again.

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Article by: Wayne Devlin

Wayne was initiated into Freemasonry in 2019. He is a member of Flixton Lodge No. 4869,  West Lancashire. (UGLE).

He lives in Manchester where he is a well known personality through his many years of working in the entertainment industry as an actor, singer and presenter.

Wayne has been a columnist for a Manchester newspaper for over four and half years and he also writes television show formats.

For the past two decades Wayne has raised a vast amount of funds for various charities and community groups. He has received many commendations for his fundraising including those from HRH The Duke of Kent, The Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the High Sheriff of Greater Manchester.

You can find more about him on his website www.waynedevlin.com

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Wayne's 'Masonic' World

In order for a pencil to be of use it must go through regular sharpening. We, as Freemasons, must also go through regular 'sharpening' in order for us to be of service to our families and our communities.


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