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Digital Freemasonry Official NFT

These NFT serve as a confirmation that the owner is one of a total of 333 founders of Digital Freemasonry who contributes to the development of certain digital tools, along with 123 founders of Digital Freemasonry who gained their status through donations during the crowdfunding campaign on the Indiegogo platform.

These NFT also guarantees to its owner all rights that belong to it, as well as the other 456 founders of Digital Freemasonry, and provides access to the MASONICverse and a place of honor in the Temple of King Solomon.



Masonic 777 Collection

If you have our Functional NFT then you have free-pass to private areas of our Spiritual Temple. Soon on



Young Freemasons NFT Collection

A series of Freemasonry themed NFTs created by Young Freemasons



Masonic Temple Premium Collection

Masonic Premium is our first-ever collection. Limited collection of 333 unique premium NFTs, with numerous benefits and utilities for the future; your digital passport to our Masonic Temple in the Metaverse, gaming experiences and exclusive discounts.




Welcome to the “FREEMASONRY OFFICIAL NFTs” Collection where you can find from Official Freemasonry NFTs (each marked with a special Serial Mark and clearly stated to be Verified by the Digital Freemasonry Authority) to NFTs representing Freemasonry Symbols, Tools .. .to fun and witty NFTs with a specific message. You can find out more about Digital Freemasonry itself, as well as about NFTs that are officially published on the website or on the Official Community of Digital Freemasonry, which you can visit at the following link:




The Arts and Freemasonry have always gone hand in hand with one another. Images/Tokens are a powerful way to communicate and create thought. This collection is for helping other freemasons and their family and friends to raised needed funds in a way that no one goes away empty handed. Check out who we are at



freemasonry V4

NFT project



Freemasonry - wYGuXo9h6O






Tommy Phillips IV

Tommy Phillips IV, professionally known as #LiTgod Serious Lord, is an Atlanta native and serial entrepreneur.
1. Founder of platinum recording label Crunk Incorporated.
2. Founder of studio, garden, and library Green Thumb Lodge #44.
3. Founder of digital art studio and apparel line “iambe”.
4. Founder of NFT digital Art and music hub NFT JUKEBOX.
5. President of APS Miracle, a division of Crunk Incorporated for children’s music.




Created by Votuzo – Founder and the first President of World Union of Sovereign Lodges – LIBERTAS 5775 – Grand Master of the Grand Sovereign Lodge of Croatia.



Freemasons NFT

We aim to create an art collective with only 1000 items that will produce high-quality artworks and include exclusive members that belongs to the Freemasons NFT.




Welcome to the secret society FreemasonryNFT. 50% of the initial mint and secondary royalties go into the Freemasonry Collective , a governance DAO for the community.




New generation Freemasonry NFTs





%10 of all profits will go to Hope For Domestic Violence charity, or a charity of your choice. Following the purchase, you will receive confirmation of charity pay.

Certain “Declassified” documents will be released with purchase.




Only The Believers Will Exist



Third Eye NFTs

Third Eye NFTs is collection of vector art graphics




The Masoniverse is the 1st esoteric order of the omniverse.

Governed by UGLM, the United Grand Lodge of Masoniverse, the Masoniverse is a collection of 11096 Masonsynths, masonic synths members can activate when attending meetings in the 333 VR Lodges of Masoniverse. Each Masonsynth can join multiple Lodges and evolve by progressing through the 15 associated orders and 744 Degrees of Masoniverse.

Members of all ages, races, religions, and cultures meet in individual Lodges in the esoteric extended reality Masoniverse. Through ceremonies with no political or religious affiliations, we empower our members to become better, be respectful and actively fulfil our responsibilities for building the omniverse.

Sisters and Brothers of the omniverse, Join the Masoniverse.



Secret Societies

Uncover secrets and symbols in this mysterious collection. Unlock physical treasures and collect super rare items to unlock even more amazing rewards. Hidden in this collection you will find clues to future drops and rewards.

This original collection was created by award-winning artist (and possible secret society member) Juan “One” Sepúlveda. One’s art is part of private and public collections of fine art around the world.




Characteristic symbol of Freemasonry. He presides over all works, lit in the east above the venerable.




Collection of Masonic Collectibles.



Masonic Rite Club

The Masonic Rite Club is a collection of unique Freemason NFT Aprons that have been uniquely curated and minted by a 32° Scottish Rite Master Mason and made available for public sale. Your Masonic Rite Club Freemason Apron will server as your membership card for member only perks.



Freemason 01

Welcome to the home of Freemason 01 on OpenSea.
Discover the best items in this collection.







masonic gallery

All characters are not fictional and any resemblances are not coincidental



The Mason Goat 1st collection

In Freemasonry, “to be like a goat” means to work in silence. The image of the goat became known as a symbol of secrecy, silence, and confidence between brothers in doctrine. NFT - from Freemason to Freemason, lovers and admirers of the order, everyone can have one of these art. The aim is to do charity and help others where part of the value is intended for this.
Join the Mason club.'. Join us.'. Just have a Mason goat.'.







Freemasons belong to the oldest fraternal organization in the world, a group begun during the Middle Ages in Europe as a guild of skilled builders. With the decline of cathedral building, the focus of the society shifted. Today, “Freemasons are a social and philanthropic organization meant to make its members lead more virtuous and socially oriented lives, Freemasonry and Politics in Eighteenth-Century Europe. Grounded in the Enlightenment, the organization “still conveys the era’s core values, religious tolerance, thirst for knowledge and sociability.




Tous les symboles maçonniques. Apprenti, compagnon, maître. All Masonic symbols. Apprentice, companion, master.






Freemason coin



Tubal Cain

Masonic Aprons NFT

Each Tubal Cain Masonic Apron NFT JPEG includes a full size masonic apron and worldwide shipping 

masonic knowledge

to be a better citizen of the world

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