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Why don’t Freemasons read?

The title of this article will seem somewhat of an oxymoron, because at this precise moment you, most likely a Freemason, is reading this.

Masonic Ties

Masonic Miscellanies

Why do Freemasons wear white gloves? - The Symbolism of the Gloves

Masonic Blogs

We take a closer look at the Square & Compass masonic blog that was founded in 2020 Ontario, Canada

Masonic Pens

Copiale Cipher

What is the connection between the Copiale Cipher and the great enlightened society of oculists ?

The Chamber of Reflection

A detailed look at the Chamber of Reflection: A Revitalized and Misunderstood Masonic Practice.

Masonic Cases

The Colour Purple – Its Derivation and Masonic Significance

What is the colour purple with regards to Freemasonry? The colour is certainly significant within the Royal Arch series of degrees being emblematical of Union.

Who are CLIPSAS ?

An introduction to CLIPSAS who are they and what do they do ?

Bricks Masons

Moses Jacob Ezekiel

Who was Moses Jacob Ezekiel, a Freemason, Civil War Soldier, Renowned Sculptor ?

Hogarth’s Harlot Reveals All – Part 3

Brother Hogarth gives us another bawdy glimpse into the salacious world of the 'Harlot's Progress', and the tantalising Masonic symbolism hidden within! Can you spot the clues?

Masonic Swords

The Mason and his Consciousness of Time

Nobody can buy life, life is spent and the expense of life is time. As time goes by, life is spent.

Masonic Watches

Ashlar Chippings

Hugh O’Neill's regular chippings whilst smoothing the ashlar: - 1) A ‘Masonic’ Dodo!, 2) Public ‘Open Nights’ and 3) Fraternity or Corporation?

The Holy Land and The Holy Sites – Part 1

The four-part series will consider ‘masonic’ aspiration and activity regarding the Holy Land and The Holy Sites

Masonic KT Regalia

Masonic Podcasts

Our pick of the best Masonic Podcasts

The Hiramic Legend

The Hiramic Legend is the glory of Freemasonry; the search for that which was lost is the glory of life.

Masonic Ring

Passing the Chair

W.Bro. Paul Gardner looks at a mid 19th century artefact and ponders ‘Chairing’

Officers of the Lodge – Junior Warden

Who is the Junior Warden ? – Spiritual Consciousness

Masonic Regalia

The Mason: A Sincere Man

What it means to a Freemason to be a sincere man. Extract: first published in The Freemason's Chronicle - January 23, 1875

book intro

Mystic Masonry, published in 1911, this fascinating book is equally relevant for the 21st century Mason with an interest in the more mystical side of Freemasonry.

Masonic Jewels

Meet The Author

We talk with ‘Brother Hogarth’ who is currently writing a series of articles featuring the Masonic art of William Hogarth.

Lewis Masonic Book Reviews

Reviews and new publications from Lewis Masonic

Book Review – The Freemasons Who Won America’s War for Independence

Find out who were the Freemasons who won America's War for Independence

9th International Conference of Freemasonry

Hidden Meanings: Esotericism and Masonic Connections, The conference will be held by UCLA History Department on April 10th, 2021.

SQ Masonic Book Store

Selected Masonic Books available at Amazon

SQ Leadership Book Store

Selected Books on Leadership by Simon Sinek available at Amazon

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SQ Style – Man

Stand out from the crowd with SQ’s Masonic essentials

SQ Style – Feminine

Stand out from the crowd with SQ’s Masonic essentials

Hugo Boss

Tom Ford

SQ Styles

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