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The Collected Prestonian Lectures:
Volume 5 – 1997-2008


These lectures are named after William Preston (1742-1818) who made a bequest to Grand Lodge which was to fund an annual lecture. This is the only Masonic lecture each year that receives the official sanction and authority of the United Grand Lodge of England.

The authors are among the most respected names in Masonic research, and wherever Prestonian Lectures are delivered, they attract large audiences. As you can imagine the lectures are also very well-researched and both diverse and fascinating to read.

I was particularly taken by the lecture that examined Masonic terms and phrases and their early usage both in and outside Masonic literature. Reading this really brings around a superior understanding of our Craft’s teachings.

The other lecture that stood out to me was one very well-researched paper that demonstrated the activities and reading materials of early London Lodges. From displays of rare stones, to demonstrations of medical procedures, it seems that Metropolitan lodges have always been places of great learning and not just ritual initiation.

These are the works that were of most value to me but in truth there is something for everyone here; with works on very diverse subjects ranging from the history of Women’s Masonry to the life and Masonry of Elias Ashmole.


ISBN: 9780853185772
416 Printed Pages
Price £15.00


Material, Moral, And Mystical
By Tony Baker


At last! For so long there has been an ongoing cyclical debate within Freemasonry as to the true nature of the Order. Is the Order here to bring about practical and charitable help to the world?

Is the goal of the Craft to cultivate virtue, or does Freemasonry have a deeper hidden purpose that should be focused on?

Anyone who reads of the philosophical schools that were of great influence during the development of Speculative Freemasonry, will be aware how these teachings all have their own ways of overcoming such pigeon-holing and false dichotomy by encouraging a unified vision of things.

‘As above so below’ say the Hermeticists; ‘Nowhere in nature exists a vacuum’, declare the Rosicrucian’s; ‘all things are real’, write the Eleatics.

Masonry, material, moral and mystical is one; this is the message of this book. Read it, it’s what we need to share.

ISNB 9780853185727
170 Printed Page
Price £19.99


Rediscovered Rituals of English Freemasonry
By David Harrison


We live in a time when Orders beyond the Craft are thriving; so much so that in recent years there have been a few new Orders created.

Yet what of the Orders that used to exist in England but are no longer practiced? Have you for example ever heard of the Architects Degree, or the Intimate Secretary or English Masters Degree?

This book offers a very interesting insight into these rituals and many more that you may not be aware of as well as a great degree of background on the Orders that you do know and may be a member of.

With many illustrations and a very readable style, this work is well worth having in your collection.


ISBN: 9780853185710
143 Printed Pages
Price: £19.99



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