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Share one personal skill Freemasonry helped you to improve?. . .

This question received a great response and the most prominent skill gained seems to have been within the area of public speaking, which of course boosts confidence in many aspects of life and work.

This was closely followed by memorisation, time management, patience, understanding others, and tolerance.

Research was another skill mentioned – unbiased and authentic research in Freemasonry is an underrated skill, and one which we will be covering in-depth over the next few months.

David Haigh Patience with learning.

Dan Duke Learning to listen better.

Nick Spina I learned, to talk in front of groups of people, I learned I have the ability to memorize ritual and put my heart into it.

Steinarr Kr Ómarsson Talk in front of a crowd

Jonathan Hall Confidence reciting rituals.

Steve Goulding Self confidence

Steve Jersey To many to mention here

Mike Smith Public speaking, memorize.

James Brooks Speaking in front of people

Tobias Terrill It’s helped me greatly with gaining the ability to understand another’s point of view or impact on given discussions or debates. As well as a gain in appreciation all religion for its fundamentals and the similarities they may have.

Kenneth Lottman Jr. Public speaking.

Graeme Nicholson Perception of other people’s motives.

Peter F Daigle Memorization

Lakshmikanthan D Difficult work I do easily.

Don Essary Memory work and public speaking.

Uwe Riches Memory work and public speaking.

David Hibberd Writing letters of complaint, being ignored, I could go on

John De Leadership skills.

John S Nagy research driven by skepticism…

Salaam Al-Fayiz Public speaking

Darrel Ellis When to hold my tongue

Brine Peytun Time management

Keith Debose Time Managing

James Mitchum II Being more charitable

James Brison People management

Freeman J. Knox Memorization, research, and public speaking

Steven Gladman The detection of hatred, jealousy, hypocrisy, and nepotism.

Todd Poole Patience! staying calm and being cautious!

Tristan Perkins Public speaking

Adrian TheBoss Witherspoon Public Speaking

DT Green Research

Thaddeus Young Public speaking, being thoughtful of my actions, balance.

Arnita Harris Understanding people

Eric Harrell Confidence in public speaking

Marche Webb Time management

Rev Earline Hardy DMin Research

Lindsay Harden Time management

Derrick Reed Understanding 2 then advancing to 3 seeking more passing up 5 then climbing to 7 and then but it all in everyday use

Charles D. Watson Tolerance for disrespect and ignorance.

Stephen Barrett I can be so much more!

Joseph Antoine Public speaking

Taherran Gatling How i respond to pointless and senseless negative behavior from others that do not influence me in a positive fashion.

Matthew Melvin Jr. The allegorical content of it’s degrees it helps you in your day-to-day lives. I’ve always said that masonry is an applied science the science and study a various topics and it’s attitudes in your life


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Share one personal skill Freemasonry helped you to improve?

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