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Masonic Structure

A brief outline showing the differences and similarities within Freemasonry

Masonic Ties

The Tipping Point of Freemasonry

Why do brothers lose interest in Freemasonry and what can we do to get that spark back? At what moment did our own thoughts begin to waver?

Parable Against Persecution

According to Benjamin Franklin’s letters, he took the inspiration for two of his parables “from an ancient Jewish tradition”.

Masonic Rings

Bricks Masons

Audi Vide Tace

The three Latin words -a good moto for the wise freemason

Masonic Hoodies

Mozart and Freemasonry

Rev'd Dr Peter Mullen provides a historical view on the interesting topics

Introduction to Co-Freemasonry

A brief introduction to universal Co-Freemasonry - Le Droit Humain

Masonic Cases

Russian Freemasonry

Russian Freemasonry a combination of a short sketch of its history and a review of the present-day Masonic landscape in this country

Ashlar Chippings

Ashlar Chippings form Hugh O'Neill

Masonic Watches

Prince Hall Freemasonry

Alonza Tehuti Evans discusses Prince Hall Freemasonry, founded by African Americans.

Sankey Lecture – 2016

Prof Andrew Prescott will discuss what information we can assemble about the Apple Tree and consider how far it supports Anderson’s story about the formation of the Grand Lodge.

Masonic Gloves

Egyptian Rite

Egyptian Freemasonry, founder Cagliostro was famed throughout eighteenth century Europe for his reputation as a healer and alchemist

A Masonic Interpretation

A Muslim is reminded of his universal duties just as a Freemason.

Share One Thought…

Open question posted on Facebook with a very wide range of responses from Brethren across the globe

Regular Freemasonry for Women

The Great American Experiment, a film by HFAF documenting the Consecration and Installation of Officers of America Lodge No. 57 on May 25, 2019

Masonic Pens

Book Review

Book reviews from Lewis Masonic

Mental Health & Freemasonry

Mental Health - Raising its awareness and how we as Freemasons throughout the entire UK can help our fellow brethren and their families when they need it.

Masonic Swords

What Kind of Library Do You Have?

Many Brothers have no clue as to what kind of "Craft" library they actually have in their home or office. Most of these Brothers don’t care that they don't know – so, what kind of library do you have?

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