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Share one thought why Freemasonry is relevant today ?

A question we posted on social media to generate a reaction and response from members around the globe. The response was good – we had well over 100 replies from 15,000+ views.

We have selected a few below to show the variety and depth. Not all the replies were positive and many cliché. However, some were more thoughtful and offered a more in-depth view.

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RD In such dark times, it is to help us seek and find light.

PDN In many indigenous societies, there exists a circle of elders whose task it is to provide men with a rite of passage into mature masculinity, with all of the virtues, spiritual included, which that entails. It is this valuable function which makes Freemasonry especially relevant today, particularly in societies where our elders may not be honored.

KC – I am more worried about loosing more members than we are replacing with initiates. Shoot me down in flames if you like, but I wonder if we should be accepting ladies. [Ed. See Co-Freemasonry]

CdLJ – The master is the eternal student, education is not something you can finish. Humanity, society, science, art, law, morality is one long continuum, we stand on the foundations built by those who came before us and those who come after shall stand on ours, we work to build a better future for all. Our duty as masons is threefold. To our brethren past; uphold traditions and preserve their wisdoms. To our brethren; to practice our craft and to aid each other. To our future brethren; to pass on our knowledge, our wisdom and instil them with the same passion that our brethren past did to us. Our duty is to all brethren, and vicariously to all mankind. Masonry is relevant today because of yesterday and tomorrow.

SG – Self actualization – the desire to become the most that one can be.

GJ – All the working tools combined but especially….

CP – It teaches us the right moral standards in an increasingly selfish world.

DM – As I’m still new and every time I attend I try to understand a little bit more, doesn’t we [sic] say to make good men better, helping each other out?

JS – We cannot engage in civil discourse anymore. The Craft can teach us how to do that.

PA – Meet on the level.

SPM – Making good men better.

AJRM – It is not.

RBF – Freemasonry was never intended as a refuge for fallen men in need of reformation. It doesn’t save souls, cure alcoholism or drug addiction, reform straying husbands, or put backsliding preachers back on the road to honesty. Instead, its rules and customs are specifically designed to keep such men out. Freemasonry has always had standards of conduct—and for a thousand years has went almost completely unchanged. So Mote It Be!

AR – It is more relevant today than ever by UNITING men of every country and promotes friendship among those who might have otherwise stayed at a distance.

TB – Fellowship and brotherly love are key reasons that Freemasonry has thrived for all these years.

SHB – Luke 6:43-44 “For no good tree bears bad fruit, nor again does a bad tree bear good fruit, for each tree is known by its own fruit”.

TH – It teaches those that don’t already practice it to help others whereever possible.

SM – Escape from loneliness.

ML – Charity.

DB – In a commercial world, where status is something that so many people consciously and subconsciously feel the need for recognition, Freemasonry is still the best organisation i have ever experienced in levelling a person to another, regardless of faith, creed or social status (whether assumed or actual) – Freemasonry is needed to show this world that who you are as a person is more important than were you are seen socially (just my opinion).

SB – Because being a good brother never goes out of fashion in Freemasonry, best decision I ever made becoming a brother.

BC – I agree that it is one of the best, oldest, and most enduring personal development courses available.

SL – For making good men better /G\.

RWK – It’s relevant to me.

SW – Look around yourself everywhere…anywhere…we are losing all respect for our own human race…old stand while young sit and play on the phone etc. A Brother is unfortunately a dying breed. We need to figure out how to get the word out that there still is good in this world. It can be found in ANY lodge…or heart of a Brother.

BA – Because today’s men need to be better. Starting with yourself.

SdlG – Freemasonry will always be relevant due to its focus on self improvement, being productive members of society, promoting love and seeking enlightenment.

MJ – Who cares long as it is relevant to you. Freemasonry is relevant for my own personal and guarded reason. Everyone journey is different.

JL – Brotherhood, Relief and Truth are always relevant.

CT – Because now, more than ever, this world needs just and upright men. (and women) with level heads and upright intentions to govern and guide us through these crucial times.

PG – Provides hope for future generations.

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