It is said that there are an estimated 6 million Freemasons around the world. There are many differences and many similarities. Let’s focus on the similarities that bind us together – Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth.

It is the constant aim of The Square Magazine to introduce the many different areas and topics of masonic knowledge to both men and women Freemasons from around the globe and specifically we want to engage with all Freemasons, from all obediences.

We acknowledge that each obedience has a set of underlying rules that might differ from each other

With that in view, The Square Magazine will not disclose those Masonic secrets undertaken to conceal at our obligation.

The Square Magazine will also refrain from all religious and political topics of conversation.

For those new to the concept of Regular and Liberal Freemasonry, we have prepared an overview of the Masonic Structure.

Over the next few issues, we plan to elaborate on the structure and highlighting the similarities while acknowledging and respecting the differences.

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New Technology

The all new digital edition of The Square Magazine uses some of the most advanced digital mobile publishing technology.  As more and more people use smartphones for browsing social media, emails and websites, then it is only fitting that The Square Magazine launches with a specific design layout for smartphone screen sizes.

The Square Magazine can be viewed on all makes of smartphone, so long as you have an internet connection either WIFI or 4G.

The publication can be viewed on all tablets and desktop computers with an internet connection.


Machine Translation Apps

The Square Magazine uses a text based publishing platform which means that all articles can be translated into many languages using machine translation tools. This is very important as the publisher wants to reach out to all Freemasons. 

Activating machine translation is different for each type of web browser.  On desk top devices we recommend using Google Chrome, as it is possible to use Google translate in the browser toolbar.  

When using an Apple IOS device such as iPhone / iPad or Google Android devices, then installing and using Microsoft Translate app is a good solution.


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Social Media Sharing

Social media is a great way to engage with a wider audience.  For that reason, a social media share button is located at the end of each article for readers to share with Facebook groups, or on Twitter.


A Statement Regarding COVID-19

The team required to produce The Square Magazine are able to work remotely from home and remain isolated.  This will ensure we are able to continue to publish monthly even though Lodge meetings are currently not taking place.


Amazon Associate

The Square Magazine is an Amazon Associate and will receive commission from qualifying purchases to offset the running costs.

Article by: Nicholas J Broadway

njcholas broadway

Nicholas was initiated into Freemasonry in 1989 in Stonewell Lodge No. 9137, Essex England (UGLE) and was Master in 1995, 2011 and 2016. He also joined other UGLE craft Lodges and is a PZ in the Royal Arch Chapter. 

He acquired the title of The Square Magazine in January 2020 and oversees the technical running of the digital publication.

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