The German Freemason Museum now offers a virtual tour!

From now on, the German Freemason Museum can be visited virtually as part of individual visits, as well as guided visits on the occasion of lodge evenings or as a group tour with up to 60 participants on specified dates.


Thanks to Dirk Leiber’s initiative, the museum was designed to be accessible virtually. Numerous stations are explained using words and pictures, many of which can be used independently. The temple on the museum level can also be visited virtually, which under normal circumstances can be used by traveling lodges as soon as the current restrictions allow it.

Individual visits with a link for 2 days


Guided tour for lodge evenings with moderation through the Masonic Museum,
by appointment


Group tours with moderation by the Freemason Museum,
appointment according to specifications


The next tour will take place on [date to be confirmed please email for details]
Duration approx. 90 minutes.
Limited to 60 people


Note: For the guided tours with moderation, the “” meeting software must be
installed on the computer before the guided tour.


Deutsches Freimaurermuseum eV
Im Hofgarten 1
95444 Bayreuth
Tel : +49 (0) 921 – 698 24




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