Heroes in Masonry

Heroes in Masonry 

I’ve heard people say that we don’t have heroes; men of stature and character who perform great and good deeds to look up to and emulate.

Perhaps such people aren’t looking hard enough or in the right places.

Perhaps they’re seeking an over-muscled ten-foot tall alpha personality lacking human frailties.

I don’t know.

But what I do know is that I see heroes every day in Masonry.

Humble men grounded by their faith, daily performing good and great deeds for the betterment of their families, communities, nation, and all mankind;

men who rally their strength and resources in spite of being tired, ill, or over-committed to provide aid and support when called upon;

Men who serve with humility, honor, and dignity;

Men who daily practice all of those duties out of the Lodge which are inculcated in it;

Positive forward thinking men whose unsung efforts do make a difference.

Theirs is a labor of love, and upon their shoulders rests the great weight of illuminating this world.

We do have heroes and they are among us.

They are mighty men called Masons and we are Brothers.

The light in Masonry that we kindle illuminates many as one small candle may light a thousand;

 It consumes us, but our flame burns brighter because of it.

Article by: Richard Kretz

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