The Masonic Book Club (MBC)

About the Masonic Book Club

The Masonic Book Club (MBC) was formed in 1970 by two Illinois Masons, Alphonse Cerza and Louis Williams.

The MBC primarily reprinted out-of-print Masonic books with a scholarly introduction; occasionally they would print original texts. (See “Past Publications” tab.)

After some 40 years of service to the Craft, the directors in 2010 decided to dissolve the MBC.

The club originally was limited to 333 members, but the number eventually expanded to nearly 2,000, with 1,083 members when it dissolved in 2010.

In 2017 MW Barry Weer, 33°, the last president of the MBC, transferred the MBC name and assets to the Supreme Council, 33°, SJ USA.

The revived Masonic Book Club has the goals of publishing classic Masonic books and of supporting Scottish Rite SJ USA Philanthropies.

Membership is open to anyone 18 years or older who is interested in the history of Freemasonry and allows you to purchase MBC editions at a pre-publication discount.

The new MBC will have a different business model than the old. Most significantly, there will be no dues; being a member entitles you to purchase books at a pre-publication discount.

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Previous publications have included:

1981 Three Distinct Knocks and Jachin and Boaz Harry Carr
1991 ABC of Freemasonry: A Book for Beginners Delmar D. Darrah
2000 Freemasonry Its Meaning and Significance, An Exposition of its Ethics, Religion and Philosophy Otto Caspari
2003 A Daily advancement in Masonic Knowledge Wallace McLeod & S. Brent Morris, eds.
2007 Antiquities of Freemasonry Comprising Illustrations of the Five Grand Periods of Masonry from the Creation of the World to the Dedication of King Solomon’s Temple George Oliver

To see the full list of example publications visit: See here

How does the MBC work?

The MBC will publish classic Masonic books and offer them to members at a pre-publication discount.

The volumes will be selected by an editorial committee (Arturo de Hoyos, S. Brent Morris, and others) using survey feedback from MBC members.

Cost will be determined depending on several factors—number of pages, effort required to obtain images of the pages, size of pages.

A 300-page 6″×9″ book would retail for about $35 and the MBC pre-pub price would be about $25, all plus shipping and handling.

When a new volume is ready to print, an email blast will be sent to all MBC members giving them a window of opportunity (probably 4–6 weeks) to purchase the volume at a pre-publication discount.

Delivery should be 6–8 weeks after the ordering window closes.

If you miss the ordering window, you can then purchase from the MBC a copy at full retail price, while supplies last.

View all Q&A regarding membership of the MBC here


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