Mark Masons’ Hall

Mark Masons’ Hall, located at 86 St James’s Street, London, is a Crown property and Grade II listed.

At the time of its construction the building was described as ‘High Victorian’. The property consists of seven levels which includes the lower ground floor and basement.

The present building at 86 St James’s Street was built between 1862 and 1865 following a design by Sir James Thomas Knowles (1831-1908). 

On 3 December 1977, The Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of England and Wales obtained a lease for the Hall, which is now the headquarters of 10 Orders of Freemasonry.

Management and support team at Mark Masons’ Hall


Ten Masonic Orders are currently administered from Mark Masons’ Hall, each Order having its own unique workflow patterns and deadlines.

Each of these Orders offers a different Masonic experience to members. However, they all have something in common: they all provide an excellent opportunity for Freemasons wishing to extend their masonic knowledge, find new challenges and enhance existing friendships.


These Orders include the following:

Normally, each Masonic Order is divided into different membership regions or areas. These regions or areas are described using various terms, such as Province, District or Division to name a few.

Mark Masons’ Hall takes overall responsibility for the administration of every Province, District and Division under each of the 10 Orders. In terms of membership numbers, the Order of Mark Master Masons alone accounts for over 43,000 members.

Order of Mark Master Masons

In England and Wales, the governing body of the Order of Mark Master Masons is The Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of England and Wales and its Districts and Lodges Overseas, which also controls the Royal Ark Mariner degree. 


Royal Ark Mariner

Royal Ark Mariner is a separate degree conferred on Mark Master Masons. Each Royal Ark Mariner lodge is ‘moored’ to a Mark lodge and shares its number. 


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Open House Festival 2020

September 19-27, 2020


For the past three decades, Open City has put on the Open House festival celebrating London’s urban landscape by opening the doors to the city’s architecture.

Alongside visiting buildings, in response to Covid-19, this years festival has new collections of programming which means you can experience Open House in a number of different ways.

The programme includes documentary films, models of iconic London building, online events, audio and self-led walking tours, a new podcast, and their new book.

Read more here:


Mark Masons’ Hall

This stunning Victorian building is situated next door to St James’s Palace. Fronted in stone, the style is ‘Grosvenor Hotel’ Italianate. Coarse foliage ornament fronts the building, the grand interiors adapted for Masonic use in the 1970s.

Read more about the history here:


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