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Elena Llamas – interviewed by Bro. Jeremy Chevrier on ‘Just Masons’ – an informal and fascinating chat about all things Masonry, Co-Masonry, Esotericism and much more (including coffee and art!)

Join us for a dynamic conversation about Female Freemasonry amongst a wealth of other topics. Here are some things we discussed on today’s show:


1- Sister Llamas’ background from Mexico to California and how she got into esotericism and Freemasonry.

2- What is female freemasonry and co-masonry?

3- Long fingers vs. short fingers and palmistry

4- Are there different things that attract women to masonry vs. men?

5- Do we share the same secrets?

6- What is the purpose of ritual?

7- Sister Llamas’ thoughts on the times we are in today

8- How can we as masons make a difference in our troubled world today?

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