The Author – an ode


By Bro. Anthony Oneal Haye (1838-1877), Past Poet Laureate, Lodge Canongate Kilwinning No. 2, Edinburgh.

When I was a youngster, daddy would say-

“Be a soldier

When you’re older;”

But guns and swords I threw away,

And longed for the name of an Author.

For, with my frame, my ambition grew, –

To immortal fame

I would lay claim.

The pinnacle’s slightly high, ‘t is true,

Yet what man has done that man may do-

Nothing like height for an Author.

So I cudgelled my brains in search of wit, 

And mighty thought

To light I brought;

Too oft I was told (cold blooded hit!)

That it was worthy its Author.

So I scribbled away, and tortured my mind-

I sought a name-

I toiled for fame,

That in “Poets Corner” a niche I might find-

I flourished in print, and for pay never whin’d-

Fame’s trump proclaimed me an Author.

So upward, onward, still I’ve borne,

The name I’ve won,

With pain I own;

But where is the man, on earth ere born

Without it became an Author.

Then honour to him in tented field,

To arms will fly,

And for freedom die;

And honour to statesmen the tongues that wield,

To scatter peace o’er earth’s fair field-

Yet greater is due to the Author.

Then let us give honour where’er it is due,

Who guides the state,

Or the battle’s fate;

Whoever to virtue a friend is true,

This I enforce as an Author.

But honour, all honour to the Monarch of Mind-

With him we fly

To realms on high.

As his fancy’s wing scuds before the wind,

And, in thoughts sublime, leaves dull earth behind,

Lighting our way does the Author.

As nobly he pleads the cause of the slave,

Or o’er the bier,

Draws forth the tear,

Or gladdens with praise the heart of the brave,

We laud, weep, and sing with the Author.

But of too much praise let us all beware,

Nor raise too high


For a God above for us all doth care,

And to meet him, as Judge, let us all prepare!

Oh! Let us revere Our Author!

[ Transcribed by Bro. Kenneth C. Jack, Past Master, Lodge St Andrew, No. 814, Pitlochry, Scotland.]

Anthony Oneal Haye was a prolific author and the editor of several periodicals including The Scottish Freemasons’ Magazine and the Govan Chronicle newspaper.

He became head of the (non-Masonic) Rosicrucian Society of Scotland in 1866.

Hayes admitted fellow Masons Robert Wentworth Little and William James Hughan into the Society, both of whom were members of the Rosicrucian Society of England, later to be known as Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia [SRIA].

Members of the Rosicrucian Society of Scotland – including R. W. Little (centre back row with bowler hat); W. J. Hughan (centre back row with top hat); Anthony Oneal Haye (front row centre kneeling)
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Article by: Anthony Oneal Haye

Bro. Anthony Oneal Haye (1838-1877), Past Poet Laureate, Lodge Canongate Kilwinning No. 2, Edinburgh. Haye was also Supreme Magus of a Rosicrucian Society in Scotland.

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