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The Candidate

Written in 1930, much of the advice is still relevant today - although some may provoke further thought or debate!

Masonic Ties

Masonic Miscellanies

A closer look at the Level and the Plumb-rule

Masonic Blogs

We look at PragaMasonica, an online presentation of the Masonic heritage of the Czech lands, including Prague, Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia.

Masonic Regalia

Queensland’s Masonic Memorial Centre

In honour of ANZAC Day on 25 April - we look at one of the two specifically dedicated Masonic Memorials in the world, and how Freemasons in Australia and New Zealand continue to honour those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

Kipling’s The Palace

When I was a King and a Mason, a Master Proven and skilled, I cleared me ground for a Palace, such as a King should build.

Masonic Pens

Dr George Dickson: Scottish Freemason and Occultist

Bro. Kenneth explores the life of Dr George Dickson a Scottish Freemason and Occultist.

Ashlars – Rough, Smooth – Story of a Stone

How we can apply the rough and smooth Ashlars with-in a masonic context.

Bricks Masons

Two ladies who became Grand Masters

Who were the two ladies, mother and daughter who become Grand Masters of Honourable Fraternity of Ancient Freemasons

Hogarth’s Harlot Reveals All – Part 4

This month we find her in prison doing forced labour. So why, you may ask, is she dressed so finely? This sudden change of costume confused many commentators over the centuries.

Masonic Jewels

The Story of the Royal Arch – The Mark Degree

Extracted from William Harvey's 'The Story of the Royal Arch' - Part 1 describes the Mark Degree, including the Working Tools.

Masonic Cases

Ashlar Chippings

Hugh O’Neill's regular chippings whilst smoothing the ashlar: - 1) The well qualified Master Elect, 2) An Irish Obligation, 3) A chair going spare?, 4) Hirsute Masons and 5) Nature’s Bounty

The Holy Land and The Holy Sites – Part 2

The four-part series will consider ‘masonic’ aspiration and activity regarding the Holy Land and The Holy Sites

Masonic Ring

Masonic Podcasts

Our pick of the best Masonic Podcasts

The 47th problem of Euclid

This emblem contains more real food for thought than any other in the lecture of the Sublime Degree.

Masonic KT Regalia

That Takes the Biscuit – The Patriot Garibaldi

Giuseppe Garibaldi  Italian general and politician Freemason and the Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Italy.

Officers of the Lodge – Senior Warden

Who is the Senior Warden ? – Your very essence

Masonic Watches

The Archaeology of the Craft

We take a look at the archaeological connection with the Craft, first published in The Freemason's Chronicle - January 30, 1875

book intro

The Principles of Masonic Law - Do you know the Constitutional Laws, Usages, and Landmarks of Freemasonry?

Masonic Swords

Meet 10 Masonic Authors

This month we feature ten of our recommended Masonic authors ranging from the early 1900s to the modern day, and we offer our 'Square choice' of their books. You can never have too many books, especially when it comes to e-books - so delve in and find old favourites and new.

Lewis Masonic Book Store

Reviews and new publications from Lewis Masonic

The EA, FC, MM Handbooks

Essential reading for every Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft, and Master Mason - these seminal books by J.S.M Ward are what every Mason needs!

Book Review – This Chequered Existence

Gerald Reilly reviews this new book covering the near-modern history of Freemasonry in England and Wales during the 20th-century.

9th International Conference of Freemasonry

Hidden Meanings: Esotericism and Masonic Connections, The conference will be held by UCLA History Department on April 10th, 2021.

SQ Masonic Book Store

Selected Masonic Books available at Amazon

SQ Leadership Book Store

Selected Books on Leadership available at Amazon

Calvin Klein

Tommy Hilfiger


SQ Style – Man

Stand out from the crowd with SQ’s Masonic essentials

SQ Style – Feminine

Stand out from the crowd with SQ’s Masonic essentials

Tom Ford

Hugo Boss

SQ Styles

Masonic apparel made to order

Van Heusen

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