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How to Own Your Own Mind

By: Napoleon Hill

Locked in a vault since 1941, here is Napoleon Hill’s definitive lesson on how to organize your thinking to attain success!

In How to Own Your Mind, you receive a one-of-a-kind master class in how to think for success from motivational pioneer and author of Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill. In three compelling chapters, Hill demonstrates how to organize, prioritize, and act on information so that it translates into opportunity.

Knowledge is not power. Only applied knowledge is power. This book teaches you how to use what you know, and how to know what’s worth knowing.


The Mastery of Self: A Toltec Guide to Personal Freedom

By: don Miguel Ruiz Jr.

The ancient Toltecs believed that life as we perceive it is a dream.

We each live in our own personal dream, and all of our dreams come together to make the Dream of the Planet. Problems arise when we forget that the dream is just a dream and fall victim to believing that we have no control over it.

The Mastery of Self takes the Toltec philosophy of the Dream of the Planet and the personal dream and explains how a person can:
• Wake up
• Liberate themselves from illusory beliefs and stories
• Live with authenticity

Once released, we can live as our true, authentic, loving self, not only in solitude and meditation, but in any place—at the grocery store, stuck in traffic, etc.—and in any situation or scenario that confronts us.

The Ruiz family has an enormous following, and this new book from don Miguel, Jr. will be greeted with enthusiasm by fans around the world. This new book from don Miguel, Jr. will be greeted with enthusiasm by fans around the world.


The Self Help Book: 6 Practical Ways to Never Stop Growing

By: Jared Graybeal

In The Self Help Book: 6 Practical Ways to Never Stop Growing, author and coach Jared Graybealoutlines six practical ways to live a life of constant growth while avoiding stagnation or burnout. 

Confidence. Competence. Clarity. Character. Connections. Commitment. 

This short, insightful guide is filled with inspiration and encouragement and is designed to give you the perspective you’re looking for, no matter what’s going on in your life. Pick it up each year or turn to it whenever you have questions and find the answers you need. 

Just relocated to a new city? Revisit the connections chapter. Struggling in your personal life? Revisit the chapter on character. 

Every time you turn to The Self Help Book, you’ll walk away encouraged, knowing that every day is an opportunity to grow and that you have the ability to do so.


Good Vibes, Good Life: A Real-World Guide to Achieving a Greater Life

By: Vex King

Vex King is leading a revolution for the next generation of spiritual seekers. An online inspiration to hundreds of thousands of people, Vex is a role model for young people seeking a new way of living. Vex beat all the odds of an incredibly difficult childhood – his family were often homeless and he suffered racist abuse in a violent neighbourhood.

Despite these challenges, Vex went on to complete university and thrive in his career. His work brought him into contact with people who started asking him for life advice and Vex began sharing his ideas through social media. His positive and encouraging posts very quickly began to attract a highly engaged following who related to his messages and looked to Vex for guidance.  

This book is a collection of Vex’s most popular wisdom. It is a guide to transforming negative emotions to positive ones, developing self love, mind mastery, and goal setting, and finding a deeper purpose in life. On social media, Vex is asked the same questions over and over again.

This book is the answer to these key questions which Vex has collected over the years:

• How have you become so positive and happy, especially after such a devastating upbringing – and how can I do the same?
• How do I transform negative emotions into positive ones?
• How can I truly love myself, and what does it mean?
• How should I handle negative people, especially my loved ones?
• Why aren’t my goals manifesting?
• Why doesn’t life always go to plan?
• What is my purpose in life and how do I find it?
• What is the true meaning of happiness?

Good Vibes, Good Life shares deep spiritual knowledge in a way that’s easy to understand, while providing practical solutions. Down-to-earth and relatable, this book is for those seeking a way out of darkness and the tools to build a new life. 


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