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From the Editor

Warm welcome from the Editor

The Two Headed Eagle

A brief look at the origins of the two headed eagle, probably the most ornamental and most ostentatious feature of the Supreme Council 33rd Degree Ancient and Accepted (Scottish ) Rite, comprising a carving of a double headed eagle, surmounted by an imperial crown.

Masonic Ties

Kipling the Freemason

Kipling's interest in Freemasonry is easily recognised in much of his work and examples are too numerous for one article.

Masonic Blogs

Chris Hodapp's Freemasons for Dummies Masonic News. Each month we feature one of the must-read Masonic blogs and websites

7 Sins Jewelry

Seeing in a Different Light

Further in-site into The International Order of Freemasonry for Men and Women Le Droit Humain which has been implanted in the United Kingdom since 1902 and is today the standard-bearer of the Order in this country.

Al – Khwarizmi

Al - Khwarizmi live c750 - c820 is credited as being the father of Algebra, being asked what is Man, give his answer in an algebraic expression

Masonic Swords

Masonic Museum Switzerland

Virtual video tour of the Museum with a very compelling introduction into Freemasonry.

Tae a Virus

This entertaining and infectious poem was written by an Ayeshire poet - Willie Sinclair

Bricks Masons

Sankey Lectures 2017

The Badge of a Freemason: New Stories from Old Aprons

Masonic Watches

Four Times of the Day – Night

Hogarth's mockery of Freemasonry. A humorous depictions of life in the streets of London, the vagaries of fashion, and the interactions between the rich and poor.

Unknown Candidate – part 1

Has your lodge accepted an unknown candidate from the internet? First in a three-part series looking at the process to accepting candidates via the internet

Masonic Cases

Ashlar Chippings

Hugh O’Neill's regular chippings whilst smoothing the ashlar 1) Symbolic Masonic Penalties, 2) Eligibility? – It depends and 3) Provincial AGMs During COVID-19 Suspension

Masonic Podcasts

Our pick of the best Masonic Podcasts

Masonic Pens

Three Words That Will Change Your Life

This article discuss a common situation found in many lodges - a difficulty in holding a conversation with a stranger.

Women and Freemasonry

Look at the History of Women in Freemasonry. Although Several women had been introduced to Freemasonry prior to the 18th century, it was more by accident than invitation.

Making Good Men, Better

Ask a random Freemason the purpose of Freemasonry and the likely response will be to “make good men, better”. Research undertaken by James Justin Davis Pennsylvania Academy of Masonic Knowledge

Masonic KT Regalia

The North East Corner

An explanation of the North East corner charge which explores beyond one meaning Charity - Extracted from William Harvey – the Complete Works

The Curious Case of the Chevalier d’Éon

A cross-dressing author, diplomat, soldier and spy, the Le Chevalier D'Éon, a man who passed as a woman, became a legend in his own lifetime.

Masonic Rings

Lewis Masonic Books

Latest masonic book reviews from Lewis Masonic

Book Review

Youtube Book review by Baruti KMT-Sisouvong

Book Review

In depth book review in to the History of the Grand Orient of Italy by the author

Masonic Hoodies

Open Lectures on Freemasonry

Open Lectures on Freemasonry as a series of monthly online lectures that aims to increase the visibility and accessibility of research into Freemasonry. The lectures are open to anyone who is interested.

Calvin Klein


Van Heusen

SQ – Style Man

Stand out from the crowd with SQ’s Masonic essentials

Tom Ford

SQ Styles

Masonic Apparel Made to Order Global Shipping

Hugo Boss

Tommy Hilfiger

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