Lewis Masonic Book Review

5 Minute Ritualist

by Kim March
ISBN: 9780853185604
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Review by Pat Streams

Over the years there have been many books on learning ritual. It makes me wonder when the first one was ever produced.  Many of them have just been rather disappointing containing nothing but common sense methods that anyone could tell you. Now we have a brand new book on the very same subject promising to tell us how to learn our ritual in just 5 minutes a day! Does it deliver? Is this book any different?

The book itself is enjoyable to read. It has a very good confident inspiring style and is full of rich with good advice. Unlike other books on the subject, this book actually offers a system of memorisation.

The actual process is rather superb and would be very helpful for those going through the chair. So, yes the book is different and indeed better than what has come before. Can you learn Masonic ritual in 5 minutes a day? It seems so, although you do need to some more time to rehearse what you have already learned and really bed it in!

The Three Stages of Initiatic Spirituality

by Angel Millar
ISBN: 9781620559321
Inner Traditions
Available from Lewis Masonic Online Book Shop

Review by Pat Streams

This book contains so much information that it can’t be read or digested quickly. It really is a universal work but you can see the author leans towards Sufism, or at least has been inspired by this tradition. Freemasonry is featured but nothing is covered on this subject that can’t be found in other books on the subject.

This work is very direct in its esoteric content and often has you realising things that were just before you, hidden in plain sight. Any book that allows you to do that is worth having on your bookcase.

Freemasonry’s Hidden Brain Science

by Michael Schiavello
ISBN: 9780853185659
Available from Lewis Masonic Online Book Shop

Review by Pat Streams

If like me you have a large Masonic library you start to think reallycarefully about if you can fit anymore in! For this reason, few books make the cut.

When I saw the title of this one however, I knew I had to give it a chance. I am glad I did, Schiavello really delivers and shows you what is going on inside when you take part in your workings in the Masonic Temple.  

This volume easily equals if not excels any other Masonic title seeking to explain the value and meaning of Masonic ritual and is perfect for any Mason wishing to expand his
knowledge. Not only does the author delve into the symbology, lessons and mechanisms of Masonic ritual he also teaches the reader how to actually apply them into their daily life.

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