Masonic Museum Switzerland

The Masonic Museum Switzerland, in the House of Freemasons in Bern, offers a unique insight into historical and current Freemasonry.

International Freemasonry as well as, and especially Swiss Freemasonry, are featured.


Exhibitions from three centuries can be viewed on an exhibition space of over 300m2. The exhibition deals with the origins, symbols, rituals and values of freemasonry. It also deals with the charisma of Freemasonry in culture and society. A large projection of 8 x 3m conveys a unique impression of the diversity of the world of Swiss lodges.

The museum is designed that together with its permanent and changing exhibition space also provides for events (lectures, seminars, concerts).

Freemasonry can hardly be explained or understood in a few minutes. A visit to our museum and the exchange with the Freemasons, who are always available for guided tours and to answer questions, quickly takes one to two hours.

Nevertheless, there are reasons why a personal visit is not always possible. Be it for reasons of time, because you are abroad, because the Corona Crisis or because you have just made yourself comfortable at home and would still like to have a look at the museum.

A virtual video tour of the Museum with a very compelling introduction to Freemasonry:
(12 mins) – English Subtitles

Article Source: Masonic Museum Switzerland


Masonic Museum Switzerland
Jupiterstrasse 40
CH-3015 Bern


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Masonic Museum Switzerland

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